Hair Dye-ing


First time ever i quite satisfy with salon that made my hair. Very hardly i would trust them n always worry how my hair would turn like but today the quite ok lah also not very perfect but still average lah..

Today, my aunt n I went to Salon Nina at Plantar 3, Tanjungpinang to do hair colouring. She decided to colour her hair red n i did touch up my roots n half red at the bottom to create the ombre look.

Celebrating new year eve 2013

Today is a really special day that only happened once in a life i guess haha.. today is Friday 2013 of January 4th. short form is 5.201314 which mean 我爱你一生一世 ( i love u forever n ever ).
and it is also an anniversary day of me n my bf hehe. We've been high n low for 3 years n 9 months. 

I'm so proud that our anniversary would fall on this special date. unfortunately he isn't at my side right now. I'm at my hometown Tanjungpinang ( TPI ) now n he is back to Singapore 2 days ago. yes he was wif me since last year at TPI haha.. no la we were at TPI since 29 DEC 2012, just to celebrate new year wif my family.

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