Finished school months ago (graduation show) and finally the convocation day arrives. Yes!! after this convocation I'm officially a Nafa Alumni. And YEs it would be last time i attended a school's event and also the last time meeting other schoolmates.

3years had just passed in a blink of eyes. A little bit miss and nostalgia those old days in Nafa. :'( 

I really miss everything there despite having some bad memories but i did laugh when days passed by in Nafa 

so miss now when I'm writing this.    

Anyway ~ Thanks

Me on The Final 1 Season 2 ep 6

Episode 6th 
Season 2
on Chanel 5

with the host and Singer Charlene, The final 1 contestant. She is a bubbly and friendly girl. She has had a very great voice.

Graduation Show


before that apologies for bad quality of photos because was taken by my 4s T.T back then.

Early morning, excitedly went to school for rehearsing. The show was located at our school's gallery. The show was hosted by Daniel Boy who is known as God father of fashion.

Visual Merchandising - Exhibition


So the day before setting up for the exhibition. Cherrie and I rushed to Singapore Plaza to hunt for some equipments that might be useful for the booth.

As usual our group was slightly left out. People seemed not to worked out quite well but anyway let's bygone be bygone.

The night, we spent so much money on styrofoam, card papers, we went back to school and stayed till 11pm just to create some butterflies. Bought 3 different tones of colours ; midnight blue, grey and black at Spotlight.



I went to attend NOIR fashion show at Chijmes at Cityhall MRT.
First time in my life attending this formal event after my very own show at school just four months ago.

at first was confused because i didn't know what to wear haha then Cherrie suggested me to wear the school collection that we did 4 months back.
so i decided to wear this outfit from NXT LVL. Although it was a group work but this dress was designed by me^^. However my only concern was i got big arms T.T

Anyway i still wore it haha...

Was curling my hairs and i tried it on my fringe too and i thought it was funny haha.


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