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Last day at Batam and was also my PMS day shyt** haha.. My fader, aunt and I went to BCS Mall for breakfast. This time we went to a Vegan Cafe. The full name of the shop is Cheerful Vegan, Located at BCS Mall, Batam, Indonesia. 

( Vegan means simply only vegetables, and no animal's dairy products.)

NATURE Vegetarian

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So we arrived the restaurant pretty early hehe.. sorry didn't take the name properly lol.

Weekend Escape


It's Sunday~
My father (fader), lil cousin bro and I decided to go to Batam. My fader went to a funeral so my lil bro Stanley and I decided to tag along. Stanley's family is in Batam now. They just moved to there last year i guess. But since he is still finishing his last grade so they decided to let him stay here with us till next year he completes the 6th grade. Soo yeah...


12월4일15년 금요일

어제까지 너와 통화했는데
어제까지 너와 입맞췄는데

어제까지 우리 손잡았는데

어제까지 우리 좋았었는데

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