Snowing in Singapore

Singapore is finally snow at Tanglin Mall. I went there once I was a kid when I visited sg n now finally I can visit wif my loved one. It happens once a year before Christmas to New year..

It's actually not a real snow instead it is just foaming.. but it does look like snowing from far.. i love it as I've never encountered wif snow haha..

Ok dun talk much...just see de photo will do..

Random thoughts


you have been my favorite ever month as i love Christmas although im not a christian hehe..

I have started to collect as many as possible of anything that related to Christmas.. i'll start to use either my camera or phone camera to snap the best shoot ever.. so please stay tuned haha..

I've been going around n around in the town.. i've done that since last year actually but this year i seem like to b slightly lazier than before..

u may click here to see some of the photo that i took last year..

Mission 1 completed

Finally on 151112.04 my whole term mission is completed.. skirt project, pattern making, researched methodology, n product development had finally done n over... This had been the day I was looking forward to..

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