Day 2 - Itinerary
Ruins of St. Paul's
Senado Square
City of Dreams
The Venetian Macau
The Parisian Macau
Studio City
Macau Tower


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Macau is an autonomous region on the south coast of China, across the Pearl River Delta from Hong Kong. A Portuguese territory until 1999, it reflects a mix of cultural influences. Its giant casinos and malls on the Cotai Strip, which joins the islands of Taipa and Coloane, have earned it the nickname, "Las Vegas of Asia."
 There are two ferry terminals to go to Macau by Macau outer ferry terminal or Taipa ferry terminal. We bought the ticket from online beforehand and chose to go through from Macau outer ferry terminal. The reason we chose Macau outer ferry terminal because the harbour is closed to Ruins of St. Paul's Cathedral and Senado Square.

Turbo jet that was taking us to Macau. The turbo jets were much more bigger than ferry I usually take from Tanjungpinang or Batam to Singapore.

How to get to outer ferry terminal :
Exit D to HK-Macau ferry terminal in the Shun Tak Centre. Tsim Sha Shui station.

However during that day, we were slightly late and the train hadn't operate yet and afraid of missing the ferry, ended up got there by a cab instead. Though Cab in the morning was hard to get also and we left the hotel before day broke.

Luckily arrived there on time and able to board the turbo jet at 7am. As you can see everyone onboard were knocked out as soon they boarded the ferry lol hahaha... 

Whereas I stayed awake for the first 30mins before I knocked out too lol..

Journey from Hong Kong - Macau was about 1 hour.

When passed thru here, You know that it is reaching soon.

Once cleared the passports, we chose to flag a taxi to the Ruins of St. Paul's and the fee about 30MOP and the taxi brought us here which is just behind of our destination. 

Oh by the way, during trip in Macau, I didn't have any data roaming to check the map or google so it was a real wander for me. At this point, I would suggest to do researches beforehand to memorise everything if taxi to everywhere isn't your first choice. But don't worry you can also get wifi every where in Macau. Otherwise I can't post my insta story hehehe.. (even the shuttle buses all had wifi)

1. Ruins of St. Paul's -> Senado Square

Though I had try to avoid the crowds by going there very early but still there were many tourists who arrived there before me. Ruins of St. Paul's is considered Macau’s most famous landmark site. It was the greatest of Macau's churches, but it burned down in 1835, leaving only its very large and beautiful facade and the front stairway and it opened all day long with no entrance fee.

Don't forget to try their Portuguese egg tarts in Macau.. Yummy~

Fish cakes bought from the nearby shops as our 2nd round of breakfast. Ate Mcdonnald's from the ferry terminal. Surprisingly these fishcakes last us till forever lol.

Orange juice also bought from the shop at the side but a little diluted. hehehe or maybe Macau's orange tasted different lol. Oya there is a Na Tcha temple just beside the Ruins of St. Paul's. To get there, walk down the stairway of Ruins of St. Paul's, and turn right.

Hunting for more local foods such as Tim Fatt Sharkfin House (添發碗仔翅美食), Portuguese tarts, Leitaria I son (義順牛奶公司) and more.

Leitaria I son (義順牛奶公司)
It is a legendary steamed milk pudding establishment from Macau. They have branches everywhere including outlets in Hong Kong. This foodie place is actually more than 150 years old. After a long day walking around Macau, chill out and have a milk pudding dessert just across the road from Senado Square.

It came in hot and cold versions and we ordered the plain milk pudding and steamed egg yolk pudding. The texture is smooth, milky cream and it melts in mouth literarily. I love it because it isn't very sweet so I can eat more than 2 bowls hheee..

Leitaria I son (義順牛奶公司)serves a huge variety of refreshing and delicious milk based desserts. There are different toppings to choose from or have it plain without any toppings. If you’re looking for a place for dessert in Macau, look for Leitaria I Son because it serves the best steamed milk pudding.

2. Senado Square -> City of Dream
The Senado Square is a paved town square in Macau, China and part of the UNESCO Historic Centre of Macau World Heritage Site. Vast majority of the buildings around the square are European styled and many are protected monumentsTo get herecontinued walking southward and northwest 80 yards to Senado Square from Ruins of St. Paul's.

This is opposite of Senado Square, to get to City of dreams, walk to the left(arrow sign), or walk to southeast to Hotel Sintra from Senado Square to take free bus to Hotel Hardrock.

The Shuttle bus is just located at the southwest.

Selfie on bus and checked the photos I took earlier and then I realised, those photos I took earlier were all error again thus I lost them T.T Damn annoying and bothering me.

3. City of Dreams -> The Venetian Macau,
City of Dreams is a resort and casino in Cotai, Macau with its round the clock entertainment, high-end hotels and gourmet restaurants. It aims to be a destination for tourists looking to relax as well as gamblers.

I won a sport car~
Yeahhh !! no la.. when boarding the shuttle bus, everyone was given this key for lucky draw if applying for membership.

Try my luck~

Won this gold coin and 20MOP voucher but I didn't gamble lar... not so keen to this hehehe~

My membership card

Went to toilet and selfies again lol hahahaha because after touch up so just couldn't resist the good lighting effect hehe. I rarely selfie one lol hehe.

Next, walked to the Parisian and Venetian which is just opposite of City of dream building. Or go by shuttle bus.
Walking toward The Venetian which is just a cross the road.

4. The Venetian Macau -> The Parisian Macau
The Venetian Macau is a luxury hotel, casino resort and shopping mall in Macau, owned by Las Vegas Sands. The building is very huge and it is known as the seventh largest building in the world. 

In the Venetian Macau Grand Canal Shoppes is a upscale shopping mall inside The Venetian Hotel & Casino with the gondola rides available to take people along the three canals that resembles the ones in Venice.

5. The Parisian Macau -> Studio City
The Parisian Macau is a luxury hotel in CotaiMacauChina owned by Las Vegas Sands, which has a half-scale Eiffel Tower as one its landmarks. Therefore if you can't afford to visit Paris yet, why don't go to Macau first... hehehehe

Hope to visit real Paris in one day.

The Parisian Building, which is located just beside the Studio city. At that time I didn't know and walked back to City of dream to board shuttle in order to reach here lol fainted...

6. Studio City -> Macau Tower 
Studio city is a hotel and casino resort in Cotai, Macau. It is Asia's first leisure resort to integrate television and film production facilities, retail, gaming and hotels.

The resort’s two hotel towers (The Star Tower and the Celebrity Tower) are connected by the Golden Reel which is the world’s first figure-8 ferris wheel. The ride can be board at the hotel’s 23rd floor, the wheel features 17 cabins holding up to 10 passengers each. 
Studio City is home to a food court called Cosmos Food Station that sells many variety of unique foods, on which guest can look out upon space through giant portal windows.

One of the foods that caught my eyes was Banana chocolate which I mistaken it as an ice cream and I was craving for Ice cream due to hot weather lol. 

So I ordered it and the guy made it into this weird shape hahahaha lol. If I knew it was just banana dipped into chocolate sauce then I won't buy and somemore it looked like a ehemm... It didn't look like this on display though hahaha~

After that, to get to the Macau Tower I boarded a shuttle bus from Studio City.

There is a bus terminal and look for the connection express platform that bring to your destination. Below are the signage.

On the way to Macau Tower, enjoying the magnificent view of Macau~

♥ Macau Tower 
Its height 338m from ground level to the highest point. The tower offers the best majestic view of Macau as well as featuring panoramic view, restaurants, shopping malls, theater and skywalk. There are also other adventurous activities at 233 metres of the tower such as skyjump and bungee jump. 

PS : Don't forget to visit the 360° cafe, I was actually planning to visit for buffet dinner but forgot to call for reservation T.T what a waste lol.

The Shopping mall at Tower, I was not really into shopping thus I didn't go further to look for it.

Starved our stomachs for buffet but the cafe was occupied so bought this (grilled chicken) at a random shop at the basement level. It was similar to Tori Q.

View at a glass door behind the malls.

walked in and bought the tickets there. Despite the crowds but the queue was fast moving actually.

Mini exhibition at the tower entrance hall.

Macau Tower is one of the territory attractions. It offers an excellent views and another dimensions to all the Macau territory. Everything is very well organized. Place is safe and clean.


The transparent glass floor gave me nearly the same thrill as looking down from the 61st floor.

terrified face lol

It was an amazing experience and the place was clean.

The views from 61st floor were fabulous but it was quite scary to see the folks walking out on the was even more scary to see people falling from the sky taking the bungee jump. But these are activities you won't want to miss.

The tower offers 360° view and allowed me to have a good bird's eye view of the whole of Macau and how close it is to China. It would be better to visit there at late afternoon and stayed until sunset.

Till we meet again Macau tower~

Since we couldn't walk in to the 360 cafe, we then leave the tower earlier than we had planned and had a dinner nearby at the terminal and thought we could have supper later at Hong Kong.

We then took cab to Macau outer ferry terminal to check if we could change the tickets and back to Sheung Wan, Hong kong. Luckily we were able to change it at 7pm instead of 9pm and one of the staffs at the terminal I approached was kind of rude T.T I didn't understand what she was talking harshly with her cantonese. Was it because I spoke to her in Mandarin and she thought I was from mainland?? Then I approached another staff and spoke english to him instead. haisss~

 Macau Outer ferry terminal ->

 Change to Tsuen Wan line at Central station

then reach my hotel at Jordan station

My original itinerary ( screenshot from Ms.word)

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