Good bye August 15


Met former classmate for dinner.

Went to Sushi Express at Somerset 313, Orchard Road.

The cheapest sushi shop in town.

S$ 1.50 for each plates.

It was my first and last meal of the day.

Late Lunch


It was a Lazy Sunday, went to Raffles City for hunting foods. At the basement one, found The Union. 

It serves all new fast serviced restaurant serving  Grill Knife, The Handburger, The Soup Spoon, Skinny Pizza and etc.

The store concept is kind of similar to food court or food junction; to me LOL. Food court usually sells many types of local/international foods but this store is sold only western food i guesss...

Check in the store for more varieties !!! NOW

Father and son bornday fell on the same month

150815.06 어제는 우리 아빠 생일이에요
(Yesterday was my father's birthday)

Cake brought by my lil brother from Batam. It was Mocha flavour and the words were written by my aunt.

回乡之旅 Bintan Lagoi

300715.04 today !! finally my turn had arrived to go back to hometown after i saw so many people surrounds me have either travel to overseas or hometown. This year IDR70 fell on monday. So, on 160815.07, my family decided to go to Tg.Uban for visit my grand-aunt and stay overnight. The next day morning, we left in the morning and went to Lagoi area which is known as Bintan. There are many resorts which many of them are still developing. That was my first visit with family. We are lucky enough to have a guide friend to bring us into the resort. some of the resorts are relatively stricts and not allowed non guests to visit, which i think is good and fair for the guest. I would not want to pay for an expensive resort to relax yet the places are occupied with many outsiders people hahaha

성물을 받았어

Today 28/08/2015 I received that phone apple6 plus.. Although after interacted with the phone for awhile n I finally get bored hahaha.. Anyway thanks for receiving new phone #alwaysbegreatful

Updated 140417.05 I lost it in Mt.Bromo, Indonesia T.T
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