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Surabaya day 1

Before the sunrise, we travelled to airport to fly to Surabaya by Lion wing air~

It was my first time on board on wing air plane. The smallest plane I had boarded. The flight from Yogyakarta to Surabaya took 1hour.

First ever flight together as whole group because we came seperately the other day.

Half day tour at Surabaya before we moved to Malang and we visited Mangroove Wonorejo.

Mangroove Wonorejo located at east Surabaya is a beautiful nature park with a long wooden bridge. Along the path, encounter with wild lives animals is possible, such as wild fishes, birds, crabs, reptiles or wild monkeys.

It would be better if we visited there earlier because after the the sun rises, the weather was hot and humid. So remember to put on sunblock and sunglass or hat.

Despite the leaves had rotten but they made good patterns.

Recalled back, I was slightly mood down from that day ownward. I think I synced that I was going to lose my phones few days after because I was just not in mood to take pictures huhu 😒



So this statue of shark and crocodile play great history of Surabaya City. It was said in the folktale that in a long time ago, near a seaside of this city, there lived a shark (Ikan Sura in Indonesian) and crocodile (buaya).

They fought all the time for the territory power. However they both were equally strong thus one day, they decided to stop the battle and divided the territory site fairly and they agreed. The Shark to take charged of the whole sea level and the crocodile to take charged of the river and lands.

However one day, the crocodile caught the shark cheated on it in the river yet the shark denied and argued that river was also part of the sea and then they fought again.

Anyway let me take a selfie first~

Then we continued our journey to Kota Batu, Malang.

Few hours later, stop at somewhere Kota Batu to have dinner before reaching our guesthouse. More hours to go~

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