Inchiran ramen, indeed one of Japan's best Tonkatsu ramen. Since I haven't gotten the chance to visit Japan. So I visited one of the branch that is located in Tsim Sha Shui, Hong kong.


So, I freaking heard this ramen whenever people that went to Japan. It is quiet frequent though. Thus I gave it a try to. The interiors inside the restaurant is exactly the same as Japan (saw online).

Two ways or types of seat to enjoy your ramen. One is for dining with your companion with other customers atmosphere which is known as "Ichiran Yatai" or partitioned counter seats "Ichiran" for people who wants to enjoy the foods all by himself without being distracted by other people around.
Normal dining with your companions, family or friends

This individual space like this by the counter, I think this place is even better for someone who always need to eat by yourself alone without feeling awkward lol.
wait to be seated and if you are first time, there is guide that u can read just in front of the seat.
3 different language guide forms and one order form.
Fill in the form according to your own preferences and submit to the staff in front of you.
Rang the bell and give them the form and wait patiently heheh
Opposite view hehe

Selfie while waiting for the ramen to be served hehe~

I heard that, if we could finish the ramen, we could see the message of each bowl but then it seemed that both my friend's bowl and mine had the same message.

Outlet I visited in Hongkong
- Tsim Sha Shui
 2 minutes walk from Tsim Sha Tsui Station Exit D2 or 2 minutes walk from East Tsim Sha Tsui Station Exit N5

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