Mission 1 completed

Finally on 151112.04 my whole term mission is completed.. skirt project, pattern making, researched methodology, n product development had finally done n over... This had been the day I was looking forward to..

On 151112.04 I presented the whole assessments that I had done since 4 months ago

It didn't give me the feeling of nervous though but i thought is I had been too nervous until no feeling la.. coz I'm the third person to present on that day huhu.. sound scary... I know haha Cz I always have no much confident..

Fortunately thanks god that the presentation was as scary as I thought... It was only 10 mins but I felt like even lesser n we didn't even need to present we wanted to explain n the judges like very reluctantly listen as one of the judges just use her hand n say ok next222 faster no time lol..

(All of us say that, note : not because mine was uninteresting ) :)

Then one board we just like only mentioned one or two sentences haha..n without feeling nervous..

This is the board that I used for presenting..

1. Illustration :

I got the inspiration from the natural beauty of the Japan, as Japan is famous of her cherry blossom n I really fall in love in that.. The colours r mostly pasted n pink. Besides that I also got the inspiration from the kimono shape n mainly is the long n swinging sleeves.

2. Mood : The mood that I wanted to create is some kind of strong n brave to give the consumer a confident feeling yet still feminine. To let the consumer stand out in the crowd by the unique design that both can b worn for formal either casual.

3. Colour : The colour that I choose r also mainly warm and vibrant colour as Japan is well know of her festivals..thus I took the colour from one of the festival call Tanabata. A lot colours r involved in this festival due to the colour paper that they use to pray for no rain on that day.

4. Fabric : Fabric that mainly use are pure cotton, cotton poly n cotton spandex. As during s/s , the weather start getting warm n cotton fabric is the most suitable to wear during this season. Cotton absorbs moisture well thus keep the wearer a comfortable feel n it is also light to wear.

5 - 8. Illustrator : Final collections that being chose from 90 sketches.

9 - 10. Technical Drawing : Flat drawing of the 8 final outfits.

First time ever make a proper skirt on this project. It's a pencil skirt.. although it may look easy but for a beginner like me is damn hard..

At first I wanted to do for pleats skirt but change mind. Although the skirt may not b so perfect but at leat it is wearable haha :D n I promise I am going to make more perfect and unique n oso beautiful skirt in future so wish me luck n pray for me yeahh <3.

Sign off

Bella Marinda
Practise makes perfect

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