回乡之旅 Bintan Lagoi

300715.04 today !! finally my turn had arrived to go back to hometown after i saw so many people surrounds me have either travel to overseas or hometown. This year IDR70 fell on monday. So, on 160815.07, my family decided to go to Tg.Uban for visit my grand-aunt and stay overnight. The next day morning, we left in the morning and went to Lagoi area which is known as Bintan. There are many resorts which many of them are still developing. That was my first visit with family. We are lucky enough to have a guide friend to bring us into the resort. some of the resorts are relatively stricts and not allowed non guests to visit, which i think is good and fair for the guest. I would not want to pay for an expensive resort to relax yet the places are occupied with many outsiders people hahaha

us on the way to Tg. Uban




The next day

170815.01 , we drove to Lagoi which is famous for the resorts and tourist spots

The Canopi / Treasure Bay

I think the pool is man-made ㅋㅋㅋ

데일룩 / ootd
The lighting was perfect for selfca too ~
Imagined was wearing bikini n relax ㅋㅋㅋ
남동생 ~ 헨리
Terakhir ㅋㅋㅋ


After that we went to Lagoi Bay ( i think , coz couldn't recall the name ). That place is a kind of shopping places for visitors. There were foods, play spots, clean beach, etc.
pictures will load soon~

Too bad that the picture with grandma was blur

Bintan Lagoi

After spent few hours there for shopping, we went to Restaurant Kellong.

We got to ride sampan to reach that restaurant.

It is a Mangrove River, Kampung Kellong seafood restaurant.

Mangrove River

Mangrove River


Panorama view of kellong

Us <3


OTW home

Bought Rambutans on the way to
End of the day ~
Video while on sampan

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