Late Lunch


It was a Lazy Sunday, went to Raffles City for hunting foods. At the basement one, found The Union. 

It serves all new fast serviced restaurant serving  Grill Knife, The Handburger, The Soup Spoon, Skinny Pizza and etc.

The store concept is kind of similar to food court or food junction; to me LOL. Food court usually sells many types of local/international foods but this store is sold only western food i guesss...

Check in the store for more varieties !!! NOW

Ordered Tokyo Chicken Stew from the Soup Spoon

It tasted like home cooked soup that my grandma usually cooks. 

// Lotus Pork Soup //

kind of similar

Both are delicious


Generous servings of :

Chicken, Lotus Root, Carrot, Golden Mushroom, Shitake Mushroom, Raddish, and spices...

The Soup is sweet and the ingredients are soft.


Next ordered was The Farmer Brunch - The Hand Burger

Saw on the advertisement poster and fell for the sunshine eggs.

How to say no to those sunshine egg yolks.

I couldn't resist to egg. 

I love them, especially egg yolk.

Many people that I have seen they threw the yolks.

OMG !! BUT WHY ??? 


Bacons, Sausages and Portobello mushrooms were perfectly grilled.

Ordered, Masala Flatbread with Mango

OK I am hungry now~

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