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Lotte mall rooftop 

부산여행 | 6일

It had been a week in Busan, everything was good and I decided to take things slow for today because I went to almost every where that I had planned on with.
Shout out to the second guesthouse I stayed at Busan. K-Guesthouse near Busan station, was an awesome experienced and I stayed at a single room with own toilet. The room was great and clean. Despite having a window, there weren't much or almost no noise at all through out my staycation.

Woke up slightly late of the day and laying around while enjoying the morning in my room.
Toast and a cup of coffee to start my cooling day.

In the noon, went to BIFF at Nampo station for lunch. There were a lot of food vendors, even though I was hungry but it was hard to make choices lol. At the moments, I thought of if I was able to live at there, I would be fatter haha.

FYI, keep walking down the street, you will see Jalgachi market is just opposite where you can have seafoods.
Last but not least, I bought a churros as my starter before having proper meal at Arirang street which is just nearby. (sorry lost the photos)

find the difference within the 4 pictures lol

These were taken at the rooftop of Lotte mall at Nampo too.
It was free admission, Many people were chilling up there, best view of Busan city, almost 360 degrees of view.

Best spot to catch the sunset too.

Enjoy the scenery of Busan’s dynamic and colorful city and coastline at Yongdusan Park.

Spot the Busan tower

That is the Busan tower, located at Yongdungsa Park.
it is within walking distance therefore, when coming to lotte mall to shop, don't forget to visit it.

The uniques colourful houses at the background, I thinks are the Gamcheon culture villages.

More pictures of the city at below ya~
because those were to baeutiful to not post it.

Fyi, that bridge had some history too but I forgot.

Gamcheon culture village

Beside then exploring the city view, also not forgetting to discover the rooftop of the Lotte mall.

Here the information board where you could read through the history of the city, bridges and harbour.

mini tower of Busan

Also not forgetting to lock your locked with your partner, or if you are single, you may also want to lock your lock here as check in place and leave it as proof of your coming.

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