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So we arrived the restaurant pretty early hehe.. sorry didn't take the name properly lol.

The interior indoor. The environment was quite and calm. It is really a good place for couples or family to come. Not necessarily to dine but you may just order some beverages or desserts to munch and Tai-Tais are also very suitable who love hanging out for high tea.. haha just my 2 cents of thoughts

Another corner of the restaurant. Peace and calm isn't it. By the way as I wrote earlier we went there pretty early for dinner lol. I love the place because it is so calm and organic, at least to me.

Rose Tea
- Roses of course -
- Chrysanthemums ( Not sure ) -
- Goji berries -
- Dried Longan -

While shopping at supermarket later, I bought the same small roses and thinking to add chia seeds and goji berries later on for daily consume. I think they will be a good combinations. Yeahhh~

Chia seeds benefit for weight loss, Goji berries for better vision but I am not sure what is the benefits of roses? maybe for beauty skin hehe..

Fried mock meat. I think it will be heavenly if they could add salty egg yolks but I wasn't sure if that restaurant serve eggs and milk..??

FYI : Vegetarian is strictly no animals' meat, a Vegan ( strict vegetables ) but also no dairy products from animal such as eggs and milk etc.

Tofu Salad

Claypot mixed vegetables

Mini tomyum soup

Hotplate mock meat

Sum up

Appreciate all the foods and finished them all. It is the best way to thank those foods served in front of us.

After dinner, we continued to visit malls and have some window shopping. As usual they like visiting BCS Mall and spent times at the playzone. Whereas me waiting reluctantly haha.. because I preferred to walk and walk^^

Alighted at carpark. Everything I also snapped lol.
my 아빠.

with sunset of that day.

Bought super wide lens for my phone. Now I don't need to take a close selfie anymore lol..

Me with fake big bang Daesung were trying out my new lens. #남동생


goceng(5000 pronounce in hokkien) drink.

Then after that we went home while my fader n bro went to someone funeral.
That day was fun and fun day always flies fast. Appreciate and grateful of that day. It was a small escape to me since I came back to hometown. Appreciate that I got to spend a short time with all the loved ones (family).

till we meet again~


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