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Last day at Batam and was also my PMS day shyt** haha.. My fader, aunt and I went to BCS Mall for breakfast. This time we went to a Vegan Cafe. The full name of the shop is Cheerful Vegan, Located at BCS Mall, Batam, Indonesia. 

( Vegan means simply only vegetables, and no animal's dairy products.)

Store's decor. I love it because the tree was made by recycling unused water bottles and it really organic and save the earth.

Pumpkin Soup with coconut milk.

Ah the whites on top were supposed to be heart shapes forms but because my aunt and I kept on pushing here and there to take pictures which ended up in a funny shape.

No matters what the most important was the taste. Who cares how was the presentation as long as we finished them.

This is not animal's milk but homemade soya bean milk. I loved this the most. It is no similar with those we usually drink at other places because this soya bean had a pleasant smell and it was really condensed and thick. Really delicious, should try on your own tongue.

Bolognese Spaghetti 

Lemon Mock meat with rice

Before typing on these, I was as hungry as right now. Now when I recalled back of the foods, these really made me slurppppss...

groooookkk" in the stomach


Selfie while eating

Testing my super wide lens on car with limited make up and don't know why my eyes were sipit (small in malay words).

Went to a market at Peniun 

At this market we can buy a lot of wholesales stuffs with a very reasonable prices.

Selfie in the ferry ^^

Mini hyperlapse vlog.

I forgot to vlog down my own itinerary while at Batam and realised only after I was on the way back to Punggur to take ferry.

Again I was appreciated and grateful to have this short travel with my father and lil cousin bro.
Thank You :)

look forward in the future where I get to travel with whole family as it has always be on my check list form.

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