Weekend Escape


It's Sunday~
My father (fader), lil cousin bro and I decided to go to Batam. My fader went to a funeral so my lil bro Stanley and I decided to tag along. Stanley's family is in Batam now. They just moved to there last year i guess. But since he is still finishing his last grade so they decided to let him stay here with us till next year he completes the 6th grade. Soo yeah...

Morning dumb face

Back to the topic, we went to Batam on Sunday early morning. Woke up by Stanley because he was just too excited to go. boarded the ferry at 8:30am and reached around at 9am. The both islands here and Batam are pretty near.

Toy poodle???


can u spot the head of a dragon?

Took some pictures of the clouds and pretended I was in the middle of sky.

The actual scene was hahaha on the below.

Did some selfies on board too~
The sun rays just left me a heart on my cheek lol.

Purple rays

Henry came to fetch us and we stopped by at Kepri Mall for a walk. Again I love taking selfies of myself. Self obsessed lol.. I just want to record down every seconds of myself haha before I finally age soon TT.. Nowadays times just flies really quick.

At Kepri Mall, 
First Christmas tree taken with, I meant for the year which is 2015. I knew this was pretty lame but hahahah~

Went back to aunt's house and rest for awhile before we went out to Nagoya hill.

with Stanley, our awkward face.


at Nagoya Hill with Angel.

Second Christmas tree with

Stopped by the supermarket at Nagoya Hill and ate some foods. Despite of I had a late lunch but still managed to swallow some. Lol
Mie Ayam
( Not Recommended )
( Not Recommended )

We walked for a while before Finally decided to go for early dinner at around 4pm plus nearly 5pm i guessed. Yes It was 5pm I checked it lol.

to be continue~

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