Me on The Final 1 Season 2 ep 6

Episode 6th 
Season 2
on Chanel 5

with the host and Singer Charlene, The final 1 contestant. She is a bubbly and friendly girl. She has had a very great voice.

my hand hihihi ^^ Lol

Couldn't remember the date but i think it was the day after or perhaps few days after grad show, We back to school for filming.

yes Filming hehe... make it sound exaggerated lol hahaha...

First shooting ok haha.. 

was a little bit nervous la because they didn't provide scripts and i was blank, didn't know what should say so yeah that's it.

Our group was chosen by them, The Final 1 season 2

We were very glad that we were able to collaborated with them and it was also my first time appearing on TV chanel 5. Although it was just for few seconds :(

don't know why they filmed for hours and interview. There were all being cut off. Maybe the scene was useless haha..

anyway it was a fun and memorable experience that i may not get in future.

Apalagi masuk TV hahaha

so i can say that my dream of appearing on TV was checklist haha. I should had dreamt huge, not just appear but be an actress maybe haha..

Anyway I took some screenshot on youtube.

Watch on 12:15 - 14:20

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