Finished school months ago (graduation show) and finally the convocation day arrives. Yes!! after this convocation I'm officially a Nafa Alumni. And YEs it would be last time i attended a school's event and also the last time meeting other schoolmates.

3years had just passed in a blink of eyes. A little bit miss and nostalgia those old days in Nafa. :'( 

I really miss everything there despite having some bad memories but i did laugh when days passed by in Nafa 

so miss now when I'm writing this.    

Anyway ~ Thanks

first time put into the gown.. eh nope, tried it at the studio before actually. After put in and took a selca in the toilet lol...

the show started at 2pm, so we started to queue and stupid that time didn't carry bag so need to "titip" my friend's bag

crazy selca while waiting to walk in.
actually i could see that students from fashion department were very little.

But still feeling great as some of us had hold until the very last and graduate together.

me and Bernice~ best close indonesian girl...

one more~

The guests were seated before we finally came in the hall


Quote of the day

More Selfies come

with family

with classmates

cupcake from Shania..
love the rose because i think that was the best cupcake that i ever like~
been craving for cupcakes after had that.

with Darlie 

Diploma in Fashion Merchandising & Marketing
although i had taken the longest and slowest path but this was my choice, so i wouldn't feel regret and I'm grateful and thankful.

I met good and bad people. I learned experiences and realised things while on the way.

Im still confused tho about my future but I realised dream does come true with you wish and go for it.
of course dream doesn't just come by itself.

after all we need to pray and thanks god for what he has given.

that's why i really feel grateful.

my mini vlogs that i collaged from snapchat's videos
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