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So the day before setting up for the exhibition. Cherrie and I rushed to Singapore Plaza to hunt for some equipments that might be useful for the booth.

As usual our group was slightly left out. People seemed not to worked out quite well but anyway let's bygone be bygone.

The night, we spent so much money on styrofoam, card papers, we went back to school and stayed till 11pm just to create some butterflies. Bought 3 different tones of colours ; midnight blue, grey and black at Spotlight.

Booth Model

Quoted for the above picture 
"talk is cheaper than action".

ah add post, on the setting day right, i remembered May Chang the lecture was mad and fierce at us because we were fail to appear at the booth and she was calling and we didn't dare to pick up the phone because we hadn't done with our props. 

Buttt but ho... i wasn't late. i was early in the studio, i just didn't go to the gallery to show my face. therefore May was really furious 

On the setting up day (260515.02), although initially the idea on the model was from the other group mate, but it was unable to make it as we were only given with 2 white rectangle cubes, racks, and less than 180 degree of wall. And Everbodeh of us were also very BUDGET !!!

Moreover, although we had that idea on the model but we all were budget barbies. our group was really lacks of discussion and none had wanted to take care. So pissed off and upset actually.

I'm a person who is impatient. i don't like being work with zero plans and thoughts T.T because we were actually blind sourcing. Went there with zero thoughts and expected to just grab whatever stuffs that we thought may be useful. 

So while sourcing for the stuffs and was telling Cherrie, I came across the idea of that because i remembered well during researching in the class, I came across some amazing pictures that had given me that idea.

Which was pasting on butterflies on wall and we both too agree. Thought back this work really made me to shed tears in my heart T.T

ya gimana? ga ada satu pun yang kompak rasanya ya maybe include me juga hehe. yang ada cuma omongan percuma. tak ada actionnya gituuuu~

Walao dibikin masih terasa sedikit seperti dihina. ya gimana? pada ga mo keluarin duitnya juga n ya terpaksa bikin yg murah tapi masih enak dipandang. maunya mereka tuh istilah bahasa cina 
" Ai Phi Kok Ai Qi"
(mau yang murah tapi tetep aja fresh)

Bought the styrofoam, to make brand logo and frame

and cut and paste butterflies.

the reason we chose dark colour because; our brand name is NXT LVL, our brand is Contemporary Occasion wear. Butterfly represents freedom and what in my mind was, occasion wear usually come with colour just like how butterfly does, so when butterfly flew out and flew toward up from the frame it changed. butterflies turned to black to be more contemporary as they were approaching the next level.

this was my thought of how i see the idea Lar~. Although others might have different point of views but at least this was my point of view of interpretation.

Made by styrofoam and sprayed glitters on it.

logo and collections

Spot the butterflies, they had variety of sizes and colours.

Under the spotlights, the tone of butterflies were just beautiful.

Packagings and Collaterals 

the floor was also poured with some glitter to give the luxurious and magical feel.

The final look 

at NAFA campus 1 

Lim Hak Tai Gallery

// Tadahhhh //


Azri came to support us. He was also the man behind our production, so called the videoman haha..
He is professional with the works and patient. He is also friendly to approach. 

for more details you can visit his website <--

I will search for the video he shot for us to post.

The first day of exhibition was relatively quiet with no visitor.
Because my classmates were actually projected movie on the wall for us to watch haha but i heard during the evening where the Fashion design students' show, there were actually very crowded and i wasn't around.

Huh I was a bit of regretted as I missed the crowds :(

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