I went to attend NOIR fashion show at Chijmes at Cityhall MRT.
First time in my life attending this formal event after my very own show at school just four months ago.

at first was confused because i didn't know what to wear haha then Cherrie suggested me to wear the school collection that we did 4 months back.
so i decided to wear this outfit from NXT LVL. Although it was a group work but this dress was designed by me^^. However my only concern was i got big arms T.T

Anyway i still wore it haha...

Was curling my hairs and i tried it on my fringe too and i thought it was funny haha.


Went there with Daren but i reached there pretty early so i walked around by myself.

First time visit Chijmes even though i have passed by zillion of times. It was fascinating. The view was spectacular and astounding.

The church's interior

Q-ing to go in.
NOIR fashion show, organised by Raffles Institute school. One of my former classmates were in there that was why i came to support her event but also for some eyes catching.

Wow the interiors in there were just beautiful that i can't describe more.
The beauty might not show through the photos but i tried my best to capture it.

Didn't meal for the whole day, luckily there was a dessert corner. Munching while waiting for other guests to fill in the seats.

As predicted, first second rows were reserved for those VIPs and i did see some familiar famous people hehe. wanted to snap pictures with them but i decided not to :(

Another cupcake and interiors and lights.

Soon the seats were occupied in a blink of eyes.

Me self selfie while Daren was busying with the desserts haha

face shoot / Lazy to photoshop

Blur or what?

Act focus haha but didn't realise i snapped that sexy girl in too

Soon the lights went dimmed and the show started.
The house was fully occupied.

hehe one more selfie

Below were the designers that participated in this event. Paul Athaphol, Amos Ananda and Elska. They are all awesome designers, do check on their links.
Both Paul and Amos are so Handsome OMG haha :')

During the show there was break while Raffles promoting the school and other entertainments so Daren and I snap a picture and he said he looked like a taxi driver lol.

Did he?

Me and cherrie after the show..


ootd shoot by Daren 

Night views.
 아~ 진짜 너무 예뻐그쵸?
ok maybe not haha

end with serious ootd shot by Daren 
wearing my own design dress from last graduation collection.

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