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진해 - Jinhae
여좌천 - Yeojwa stream
곙화역- Gyeonghwa station

진해여행 | 1일

Another cherry blossom hunting at Jinhae. This city is a district in Changwon City, South Korea. This region is served by the Korean National Railroad, and is famous for its annual and biggest cherry blossom festival every spring. it is usually last about 10 days on 1st - 10th April (2017)

Two beautiful spot to enjoy Cherry Blossom in Jinhae, South Korea is the 800 meter section of flowers on the railroad by Gyeonghwa Station, and the 1.5-kilometer flower at Yeojwa streams .

Guide to Jinhae-gu from Busan:

Exit 5 of Sasang station from Busan, turn left to Seobu bus terminal.

Approach the counter and purchase it. Try to purchase 2 ways if you are leaving on the same day to avoid the queue.

The bus is available from 6am to 9pm.


I remembered the day I was pretty late around 10/11am+ and didn't expect the crowds. I waited almost 2 hours or more in order to board the bus. Maybe it was the second day of the festival and was on weekend.

While I was queueing, I met another solo travel girl from Vietnam and we decided to be each other travelmate of the day.

Board the bus at platform 17 and alight at Jinhae bus stop (last stop)

This was the bus. Don't worry, everyone get seated because the journey was an hour distance.

Actually if you don't want to travel to Jinhae, you can visit a park near seobu bus terminal.
I thought the trees had already very bloomed. I should had visited there few days ago than strolling at Nampo.

While on bus to Jinhae

Finally reach Jinhae, Every where were cherry blossom trees.

So beautiful

Once, reach Jinhae bus station, I used google map to show way to Yeojwa Stream. It is just nearby and took only few minutes but everything is depending on your own speed lah~

cz I was very distracted by the views and slow down my paths.

It was the second day of festival when I visited and there were flock of human lol at the food festival but no choice ler initially my plan was to leave Busan to Seoul on the next day because I had to leave south Korea on the 3rd of April but few days ago, I decided to extend 3 more days hehe.

If only I didn't have a trip to Java, indonesia, I would stay for full 30 days in South korea.

Whole pig roasted

It kinda same like our version of "pasar malam"

all type of Korean cuisine.

The travelmate and I had a hard time to choose wat to eat hahaha...

I had Odeng (fish cake) soup 오뎅탕

and de friend, she had 소국밥 beef stew rice

after lunch, we rush to Yeojwa stream before it was too late

Walk - walk

click - click

You see lah along the way already so amazing...

So jealous with the local people there~

I am not a flower lover girl however cherry blossoms were just to beautiful to reject.

way to Yeojwa stream, walked by this romance bridge then you would see the stream at the front or you might just want to follow the crowds ^^




So many people and really hard to squeeze in

Me and the travelmate I met at the bus station

By chance we met, by choice we become friend despite we came from different part of the world and we met at Busan - Jinhae



So pretty but so many people and hard to get a proper pictures without photobombs



wanted to walk all the way down the stream however the day was getting late because we oughted to visit second location at Gyeonghwa station.


How to go : walk to bus stop opposite Jinhae train station and catch a bus to Gyeonghwa station around 1200KW

From where I stood

As you can see, I reached there pretty evening nearing sunset but still the sceneries were very beautiful

Here also people mountain people sea

Really a bad timing to visit because if you want to get a perfect photo, I don't suggest you to visit during festival

These are partly the reasons why....

They didn't bother at all so you just need to click at fast as possible and as many as possible to choose a perfect one. hahaha

Then somemore if you were standing on the rail and it was hard to balance too.

then when finally you got the perfect one without any passers by but you face wasnt ready T.T and eyes were half opened because of the sun rays lol


Again as you were ready, someone would just decided to walk pass again hence resulted in awkward faces.

didn't give up and would get at least one is presentable hahaha

again the crowds came back.

Give up

let me just take a selca

Bought the flower pins at 1000KW
Actually I wanted to pluck the fresh one la but I just couldn't reach the trees.

See la even here also so many peoples

At least with the photoshop to crop here and there, heal here and there and finally I got the perfect one.

Otherwise it would look like this. I just didn't get it with those people. I thought everyone should at least have some manners when you are done of posing, shouldn't you leave at let others had a chance to take a perfect picture too?

Usually I am so considerate and will move or stay away because I don't want to ruin other people's picture just because I am at their background.

hehehe just my one cent of thought.

It was a beautiful Sunset but 

See lah couple everywhere!!!

Fainted and I didn't realised that too until my friend took the picture lol...

It really beyonds my control lor~

Then I plucked them from the trees because I wanna bring it back to home country.
Lol how innocent I was....

see you next year I wish~

and the return journey, again we had to queue very long and squeeze in a bus and stood all the way to Busan and we then dispersed.

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