All girls hobbies "Camho"

I think I got good mood yesterday haha cz I took a lot of photo of myself..

One of my reason is mainly because I'm wearing new contact lens n trying on my new camera360..

I downloaded long time ago but onli yesterday n I fell in love with :X especially the Magic Skin effect..omg it make my skin super smooth haha although my skin has already good la..but huhu u must try out urself..

Beside from that,there r also other cute effect to make ur photo look better n cute n fun..

Oya there's a effect called ghost ??? I used it to lie my friends haha.. I told them see I nv edit ok.. see I can show u again n take the picture again in front of them.. lol..

Here some picture of mine..

Above r taken from the effect Magic Skin

This from the effect Dreamlike

These from Light Colour

That's all..good luck..
Every day is awesome to me n this is just a short story of mine..

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  1. Pretty hair colour ^^ Loving the lenses ^^

    Love from Emi


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