Shabu Sushi Buffet (不肥)

It's all about yesterday dinner.. I went there with bf n his mum n sis.. We went there at about evening time n we were waiting for quite long before we were served to seat..

See a lot rite??? But when I went in,I was like hmm -,-" sushi is limited choice..

They onli display like 5 types of sushi haiz..

But still ok la.. hehe


My fav Yam ice cream..

Oya u don't think that It is a buffet so u can just take as many food as u want coz they will charge for foods that r being wasted..

I saw the weight tool ler..
The overall is still edible n this restaurant is Halal..

Good luckk <3

Pic of myself to sign off..

Goin to bath...arggg I'm late..
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