A short relationship wif my hair colour


my bf n I n cousin cherly went to Jb @Malaysia. Finally after so long n stuck in sch work, I can go to Malaysia n shop as the things there r relatively cheap..but normally I went there always come back with empty hand haha..

Not totally empty la..sometimes only spend on contact lens lo.. n eat eat eat haha...

Me in the early morning before out abt 7am la..

Our first meal "pig trotter"

"Bak Kut Teh"

After breakfast + lunch about 11am, we went to walk around n I went to salon n do my hair..

My sleepy face while doin hair :p

My finished hair
( It's actually red but turn a bit pinkish n I damns like )

See is like woah quite nice, super nice duper nice.. I loved it <3

love doesn't exist long

De person reminded me wash only after one day.. n I washed after 1n1/2 day n I realised de colour RUN huhu I so xim thia u know as pretty doesn't stay long..

Everytime when I wash I very heart pain as my money worth nothing lo..lucky got take some pics for Memory lol..





#5 outfit of the day

#6 in the Rest. for dinner

#7 soup of the day

My spicy mee

Cousin's spaghetti

Bf's hot stone rice

We were too hungry

Signing off
Bella Marinda

My dumb face wif pink hair..

Ous now de colour totally cannot see liao lor~ huhu..

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