BmNAfa dinner 1


Met nafabm for dinner at Kim San Leng 金山嶺 coffee shop. Reached 
there and saw the chicken rice stall was dramatically long Q. We realised that, the stall is really famous for its cold chicken.
The Q was dramatically long Q but still we decided to give it a try.  

let's take a wefie before eat.

After we had our international dining, were going to visit Shania's ice-cream shop.


let's take selfies while on board which ended up to no where as we were lost haha...

He names himself as chocolate on his whatsApp so I'm milk then haha.


I assumed he likes to be called chocolate since he was wearing chocolate colour haha..


Recently I have been a couch potato, stayed home, laid on bed, watched on the laptop, sleep late for the whole day and caused Puffy eyes and heavy eye bags T T

I even got no strength to edit any photos because i have been so lazy..

Any meds or possibility that can cure my symptoms?

to be countinue. . .

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