I almost burnt a Shopping mall


Aiiya just be careful and want to share my 1 cent of thought :

I was walking in the mall and I felt the heat in my bag. I wondered if there was hot water spilled out or leaked out but I realise there was nothing. 

In my bag, was basically nothing except for cosmetics and wallet.

Saw huge smoke was coming out from my bag and was shocked!!!  Threw my stuffs out and it was my portable charger that caused the problem.. Suddenly it just started to burn follow with 2 times of explosion, soon the whole mall was covered with stink smoke..

lucky the fire wasn't that big but the explosions were loud though and spinning like a firework on the ground. Was so scared and horrified that i will burn the whole mall down :(

Small group of people started to gather and i wondered that they might have thought that I was a terrorist. 

Thanks that I didn't even charge my phone with the portable charger at all or rather says, I didn't even touch it for today. But just out of no where my bag caught in fired!!!

Now I'm terrified to bring or use any portable chargers along. Couldn't imagine what will happen if i was at home.

So please be careful!!!!

I can't remember the brand name of it as it was a gift from a seminar talks and It has also been using for at least a year.

Previously that battery was really good n long lasted as It could be charged up to at least 2-3 times a day.

R.I.P Bag and other small stuffs & thanks god I'm safe σΎ›πŸ»σΎ›πŸ»σΎ›πŸ»

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