Going to Batam island, Indonesia. It's a nearby island which took only 30-45mins to reach.

Just showered because my hair was still wet haha.. selfie while waiting for cab.

Reached Vivo City , Harbour front quite early so took as many as ootd as possible lol... 
took by paparazzi.
Lol i looked short because I cropped the photo from far distance picture.

another paparazzi shot

Finally reached Batam / Akhirnya tiba juga di Batam..

Only in Indonesia 

Don't miss it~

But i still love it and I'm glad at least I was born in Indonesia

In the noon, went out with cousin for some munchies.
Wifie while waiting for the foods to serve


Those foods each of it only costed Rp.3800,00 ( SGD est > $ 0.30/ $ 0,40 )
freaking cheap lol~

At Honking Town @BCS Mall

Dinner my aunt decided to brought us to eat porridge. There were many choices of dishes.

after meal so my lil bro brought us around to see Batam view.

This ship is a hotel architecture. This is Pacific Hotel that used to be very famous and i think, it is even until now.

to be continue...

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