Solar Eclipse


Get myself ready in my suits~
My first Sport attire lol Nike shoes.

to make it more exaggerates I would say I didn't do exercise for decades


Good Morning~

I have started exercising in this month. So far till today's date I have only done three times. Though I wanted to do it in the morning instead so on 9th of March I woke up early to do it, at the same time I also wanted to catch the sun eclipse. The sun eclipse was only <85% I think.

Anyway I observed it.

I went to the reservoir to view it and did some joggings.

reached by the reservoir around 7am plus... 

I was there just for pictures and didn't really exercise haha...

Finally the eclipse started tho it wasn't a full eclipse but I managed to experience it by my own eyes.

At the same time I also took some pictures and I love it.

I couldn't believe the Bedok Reservoir is really a very nice and calm place to visit.

I love visit nature places that are far from the cities area but tho this reservoir was man-made but it is so pretty and it has spectacular sceneries ^^

Those pictures were taken by my pinky iPhone 6+

Self ootd pictures were taken by myself for the first time. Actually was damn awkward as people go there for morning exercises but I was repeatedly doing the same poses but who care I got the pictures that I wanted and I will try for better pictures in future haha...

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