순두부찌개 - Korean Soup


Recently I am craving badly for this korean Tofu soup "순두부찌개" after I had it at Tanjong Pagar and Chinatown. I think the shop there served better as the shop was run by the native so i supposed the foods are more authentic as well.

I had tr y to had it elsewhere but I only received disappointment overtime I try the first spoon :(
But it's ok la...

Thought this wasn't at those shop I mentioned but not as bad haha.
This is 동지 DongJi at Katong. 

Not as bad??? so why I am bothering posting now?? hahah don't get me wrong~ I just want to recommend the foods that I like recently.

which is 순두부찌개 (sun du bu jji gae).
really nice because it supposes to taste really spicy and hot. Before I love only 부대찌개(budae jigae) Army's stew but now this has gone to 2nd place in my heart haha..

Ta..da~ 순두부찌개

side dishes

Green Tea Rice wine
I really love drinking korean wine and soju but this beverage was just too little for me TT.

Pork Belly BBQ 삼겹살

 잘 먹었습니다


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