Guide to HANEUL PARK - 하늘 공원

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How to go :
By subway;

Exit 1 of world cup stadium station (line 6), pass through a big parking lot to the stadium , and you will see a big bridge and finally a long stairs to Haneul Park.

Anyway, don't worry. If I could make it without being lost. When u reach the exit, use google map and follow the route and that's it.

The exit 1

That big parking lots

360 degrees view

The car park 

Go up here 👆🏻

Go up and turn left

And turn left again

After turn left, ootd first
(Too bad on the first day, almost everything I took with my phone😭😰)

And go down to here

While going down from there, u can see on your right side for this view. Btw can u see that zigzag stairs ahead on that hill all the way up.

Turn 👈🏻 left to Haneul Park, OR continue walk down 👇🏻 to Nanjicheon(Nanji stream)

Ok, we walk down first.



Enough of pictures, walk to the back of the background by turning right to Haneul park.

Follow this way and walk straight and turn right

You will see this and then finally left to the brige

Here it is

Walk all the way the bridge and you will see the zigzag stairs at the background to the park.

View from the bridge, u can see the stadium roof on the right. So actually it's very near.

After walking across the road, will pass by this view by the side and finally reach the stairs

View from the stairs. Stadium is just located opposite of it.

The total steps for the stairway is 291 steps. Therefore climb up all the way up to the top for more amazing views

View of Seoul city

Han river

Finally reach the top

Sign to the right for Haneul park of wheat field

Countinues walking until you see the statue of the park

하늘 공원
(Haneul park)

U can go ahead and explore the park, it is pretty huge anyway.


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