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명동 / Myeongdong
남산 케이스하우스 / Namsan guesthouse

서울여행 | 12일

Another shifting day today, morning checked out at Han River Guesthouse. Most of the days, I skip breakfast usually but today, I made the effort to wake up early to eat before breakfast end at 10 o'clock.

This guesthouse allowed the guest to cook your own meal but I was too lazy and just to had a slice of toast 😂 . I saw some of the guests even fried eggs but not me lol.

Selfie at the lobby while waiting for the staff driver to give me a ride to the nearest station. 

The Lobby; warm and cozy. Couching corner for the guests to watch tv, Hanbok trying, playing, pets friendly or you may visit the rooftop for relaxing while having drinks with Seoul city view. 

The two cute and friendly dogs

Today I moved to Myeongdong again but with no extra hands huhu


Namsan Guesthouse
exit 1


This the dormitory room I stayed.


Single bed in female dormitory room.
I really like this guesthouse because It is so privacy and comfortable.

I like it how it is so personal that I have my own cubicle.


Shared toilets


Lobby where guest having meal or chit-chatting


Resting area

After Checked in at Namsan Guesthouse, went to Myeongdong underground shopping centre to have lunch, TTeokbokki.

My lunch "Tteokbokki"

Starbuck-ing at Myeongdong
Spring edition

Cherry blossom Latte~

Went to check for this movie, but a bit shy to watch alone lol.
Didn't get what was with me hahah what did I shy about when I was able to travel by myself lol.

So I went to explore Myeongdong for the countless times. So tempting to shop for more but I needed to control as I would still need to go  Busan for another week and I didn't want to buy now because I spent too much on the first week :p and bought another luggage and I didn't want it to overweight.

Okay loh!
couldn't buy, cuci mata pun jadi lah (eyes washing) hehe lol.

Sunset at Myeongdong was so Beautiful 😍

Take line 4 to Myeongdong and exit 6 to famous district of myeongdong.

Foods Hunting
During the sunset, there are more foods vendors along the streets.

Too much choices to choose, ended up I bought this cheese Korean kebab.

Namsan Tower view at Myeongdong

my way back to guesthouse
Nice view

removed makeup then realised I forgot to claim towel from the staffs lol.
gud night

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