Virgin Flight


The date marked my virgin flight LAME I know haha.. I was from Tanjungpinang. I had only travelled to Singapore and Malaysia by sea and land. 

so, going to Bangkok was by air ( it could by land too but not in our choice ) and It was also my first flight ever.

Reached the airport pretty early and waited for my other companions to have a quick bite before fly.

Flight : Jet Star
Sg -> BKK
Time :  SG 10:45am - 1:15pm Bkk

I went to Bangkok, Thailand with the other 3 friends.
It was my virgin flight by plane haha... 

Thailand Trip was fun but way too short and rushed. The weather there was also unbearably hot during the days. It hit 37 degrees celsius. 

Done check in and collected my ticket.

Photos time ~

.          .          .

It was a budget plane so the space was really small la but its ok lah..

Couldn't believe that I was going to fly soon Lol and I have a lot of mixture feelings. Was super excited but also nervous but happy yet a little bit of worry, thought and bla2...
Whatever la butterflies in my stomach too~

When the plane finally took off, I didn't feel any terrifies. I was pretty calm, can't really describe it but only I knew that feeling. All the thoughts in my mind were just wow wow wow WOW... SO FASCINATING !!! 
everything were 우와 너무 신기하지?!!!!
(probably only me aka suaku)


When I left the ground and went further and further up, I realised how beautiful is this earth. No matter how developed a country is and a less developed country is, they all just look the same from above.

When the plane flew about the clouds, I just couldn't keep my eyes off from window because I got too excited to it. How beautiful is this world (in my head). The horizontal line was actually a curve line. Everything just fascinated to me. 

( sorry can't really express my thoughts but I hope u can understand it )

me and the clouds

Photos above to describe my feels.
Actually i have more pictures that i wish to spam here but haha.. I almost took the pictures for every seconds because in every seconds, the scenes just went varies. 

.          .          .

Candid Selfie while on board haha~

OMG finally I safely reached Bangkok.
We came out quite early, and excitedly waiting for my luggage. My friends' luggages were collected but my luggage was seen in no where. :(

When 2 luggages left on the belt, I saw a similar luggage as mine just that mine was much more I suspected that person might have taken the wrong luggage, I saw contacts that attached on that luggage and tried to contact them thru whatsapp because the contacts were Singapore numbers so I expected they also use local sim card and that was the only way I can contact them.

Although it was a perfect excuse for me to shop more in Bangkok but I'm a person who is also having feeling with things that had been thru with me. How could I bear to leave without my luggage. Instead I might have cried if I couldn't find it and probably lost all my moods.

Calls and Texts were useless and impossible. I texted them thru whatsapp and saw them online so straight away I made a call thru whatsapp and thanks goodness they answered it.

Asked to check the luggage they had taken with and they confirmed they had taken the wrong one. What the poo.. and they had left the airport too. After a moment of solving, the authorities allowed us to bring they luggage out and exchanged at outside.

On cab on the way to pick up my luggage. For a second my mood was spoilt haha. Even though I have millions of excuses to shop but still was upset haha and this whole things had also postponed our schedules huh.

That was his and mine was way bigger although didn't show in the picture.

Platinum, opposite of our hotels.

I realised Thailand citizens are all very devoted because everywhere you can see that buddha is being worshipped.

Glow hotel - receptionist counter for check in our rooms

room selca haha..

.          .          .

After done the whole incidents, we reached the hotel around 3:30 pm. Damn hungry and was having headache. Checked in and left our stuffs, took cab to nearby mall MBK to have our first meal in Bangkok.

Since we had 4 persons, they ordered so many dishes.

I just wanted to order the dishes I had eaten in Singapore haha. such as clear tom yum, Basil leave meats, and green curry. ( But the green curry there taste awful because it tasted more like milky soup to us and end up we didn't touch it. )

some local foods or crepes?

Also remember to buy Thai milk tea when u are in Thai

oya I ran into Lee Min Ho oppa at bangkok haha

after from MBK, we went to centre world. So call of Branded mall to me. I decided to ride a Tuk Tuk. A must ride vehicle when visiting Thailand, Bangkok haha then I took my first touristy photo with the driver haha.

oh the traffic in Bangkok is really bad. Traffic jams every where. hence, ride Tuk2 is faster to reach the destination and it costs around 100Baht only.

Centre Mall

 Spotted celebrity I guess because I don't know who is he??

outside of the malls. perhaps some city halls, maybe?

walked a certain ways to the nearby BTS train station as I was going to Asiatique, recommended by my friends who came a week earlier before me. Peak hours and the traffics were really bad.

Countinue ------->

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