So, if you haven't already read the previous part 1 my virgin flight. Please read it first.
Ok so I was from Central World. That luxury mall with modern complex with Isetan and Zen departments store. So from there I was going to Asiatique in the evening. So I decided to board local BTS at the nearby station which is Siam station to Saphan Taksin station.

Pardon me for the blur map but you may google it.

I found that the ticket machines were so old school or rather vintage hehe.

Bought the tickets and collected it

The tickets were one time uses only.

It was in the evening and peak hours and the station was so crowded. 

What I found it strange was why would people only board at one door though there are so many doors?? I don't know or I just missed out.

The quantity of passengers were no different with Singapore during the peak hours.

The Platform was really small and between the platforms and railway there isn't any shield or protector glass so we have to be very cautious. 
Exit 2 to go to the harbour.

Just follow the sign and It was very easy. Turn to the left to Boat express.

and you will see this information sign of the schedule.

Reached there with group of people queuing.

That's the harbour.

Finally board into the boat express.

Reached the destination.

Asiatique the riverfront 
Btw if you want to visit there, please remember that this place is only open at 5pm - 12am.
The places is kind of night life. There are shops, fashion, foods, games and more entertaiments.

again photo time~

Secret love garden where you and partner can lock your memory there.

The shop here is so cheaps and I bought 3 

me taking a rest at local restaurants to try the authentic foods that I have always eaten outside of Thailand.

Basil leave chicken

Fried omelette with crabmeat floss

Pork ribs

Leaving Asiatique and we took the same route back.

FYI : During the trip I went, the temperature reached 37 degree celsius and it was extremely hot even at night.

Look at my sweaty face with messy hair haha.. 
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