Yoo Good Morning from Glow Hotel, Bangkok.
It's day 2 and please read to follow up my day 1 and night 1 too.

Morning view from my bed

view from my room

Nice weather and clear sky 

oeh I spotted Indonesian flag. hahahah are they welcoming me?

Breakfast time~

My favorite fish congee


The Uncle said peace

companion of the day

Is it real SAKURA or what? I was damn excited eventho it wasn't.

Remember to come to this harbour if you want to visit grand palace with cheaper prices. Rather than just follow the TUK2 uncle recommendation because he would bring you to another harbour that would charge you more or 10x more expensive.
Really !
so before you go, please do some researches~

Even when we told the uncle to bring us to our destinations, he would still bring you to another place that they have been cooperating with. So you must insist them if you don't want.

This harbour is cheaper and the boat stopped at many places so you may checked it out.

Bought the boat tickets



limited seats but i chose to stand so I can observe the views more.

Walking to the Palace

Finally went in and the palace was fully occupied by many tourists. Wow so crowded and even it was hard to get a picture.
The weather is excruciating hot and it reached 37 degree celcius on that day.
moreover, no sleeveless or shorts were allowed.

I like the patterns and prints. They can really use as inspiration

Rich of inspirations

act candid 

Opening hour 08:30 - 15:30
drink more water to hydrate yourself if you want to visit this holy places.

Sorry for inadequate of photos.
Please click here to watch full vlog below 

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