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이기대 공원 - Igidae Park

부산여행 | 5일

Another Sakura hunting day. I hunted a lot during stay in Busan.
Today, I met SM again and we went to Igidae park for hiking to Oryukdo skywalk. Luckily I got him as companion because I didn't know that it was so far and quiet place if I had to walk by myself in the jungle.

However, the nature view was amazing so it's ok lah.

See what can I complaint for more when the whole way was decorate in light pink shade.. hahahah

Backview so fat lol

no pink outfit but at least my socks were😁

Somewhere at Igidae

Oryukdo Skywalk

Finally reached there and I felt like we walked for 5km distances.

Yet that skywalk was closed due to bad weather~
OMG please la..

I came from very far and walked for a long distances and it was closed 😭

No choice lor I couldn't go in. I saw a little boy was crying desperately because he couldn't go in too and I was telling the friend that, I should be the one that was crying because he could just come any time but not me hahaha

So please check the weather for next visit. Actually the weather wasn't that bad tho, just windy ler..

then the friend was fainted because he suffered so much yet fruitless hahaha because he wasn't used to this. He took cab to almost everywhere haha..

Big waves

Didn't know why I love scenery like these. They just make me realised that the world is huge and they are more I need to wander and explore.


more picture of Oryukdo but lost
worth for visiting if you are interested into nature views

Then again we took cab to city for lunch before back to Amnam Park for trekking.

View from the top to where we alighted.

More vitamin sea

Today we really worked out a lot. Thanks goodness the weather was cool or else I would never ever have done that in that tropical hometown.

Amnam Park is a free admission park and it is also a recommended place from me. I enjoy the walking path and the elevated bridge.

 The abundunt pine trees along the walking path makes for a pleasant stroll while the path up to the observatory offers great views.

Strong winds


they blew away my stress about leaving the country soon.

photos that are too waste to throw edition

Bluish green of sea water

Long and elevated bridge that built along the cliff forest and lead to Songdo beach

I felt like we had walk a whole circumstance of the mountain before we reached at Songdo beach. The estimated time was around 20mins(depending on your own speed).

Strong winds and loud waves that kept splashing on the rocks

Found a photo spot, hence I had to stop for pictures ^^, However the wind kept blowing my hairs away and no choice I had to face backward for the pictures.

Oya in case, some are wondering why I brought a bear with me, and that was actually a power bank.

During the trip, many people had been wondering and asked me when I was charging and they were very surprised to know of the usage and it formed as topic for many people to start talking to me lol.

Finally walked till dusk fall~

Finally successful walk to Songdo beach before the sky turned too dark because I didn't want to stuck at the forest when it was dark. Must be so scary.

There are restaurants, resorts, cafes, Karaoke bars and more along the beach.

Too bad I reached here quite late and I couldn't play at the beach. 

Yeah I'm a beach girl but not a bitch lol.

Just a sudden bling of eyes, the sky had turned completely dark.

Further down at the beach, there is crystal bridge also. The friend wanted to show me for compensating the day but because everything had turned dark, we couldn't see anything.

Therefore, concluded another night view of Busan

hm, now thinking back, what did we had for dinner??
we were having Budae JJigae for late lunch therefore maybe we were still full and we eventually went to cafe for resting.

Moreover during the night, the weather became colder(less than 20 degrees) n I was wearing too thin.

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