click the ITINERARY on day 5 for guiding to :
북촌한옥마을/ Bukchon Hanok Village
인사동/ Insadong
동대문/ Dongdaemun

서울여행 | 서울 5일

It's day 5 T.T huhu.. 
times flied fast. I really like this kimchi land. 
It's day 5 today and it was my solo trip this noon. 

Had my lunch at nearby restaurant, Huge portion and I couldn't finish it

Not fans of dry type of foods. I preferred soup with spicy and hot serving hehe

After meal, asaply went to nearby to explore at Bukchon Hanok Village. Cross the road and there was a Hanbok rental shop. When there to rent a hanbok for 2 hours and explored the village. There were so many people and I also met some Indonesian fellows and took pictures but forgot to ask them to send me.

In the rental shop

Chose blue instead of pink or pastel because I didn't want to wear those mordenised colour. Maybe I'll try it on the next visit hehe. (Crossed fingers soon)

I also took many pictures with my phone but lost huhu.. then my portable wifi on that day was low. I thought it was damage but end up battery low but I charge it every night though.

I was strolling, busy with insta story, vlog, pictures by phone and camera but mostly phone (end up lost 😱😱😱😭😭😭)

I was looking for the famous insta worthy street at Hanok but it couldn't find it and gave up because my wifi was dead so I couldn't use my phone to locate the map. Without data during traveling was such a inconvenience for me. Wanted to walk to Gyeongbokgung palace as I had sufficient times but ending up just strolling at Hanok village.

me while outside of the rental shop

These were taken just outside of the rental shop with a tripod and many passing by people... so embarrasing hehe but it was okay!!

Secretly selfie with the camera where no ones behind lol

Found this interesting home randomly but real local's home to take pictures but made sure not to disturb them.

Was lucky because no one suddenly opened the doors haha..

This wall was the prettiest I had seen.

At seoul museum of history near Bukchon Hanok

After awhile for hours and I couldn't find that famous place without map therefore, walked back to the rental shop and returned to my guesthouse to charged my device sighh..

After that, went to Insandong and supposed to meet a new friend from Hello Talk at his cafe where he worked but I didn't go because it seemed crowded and I didn't want to disturb him as well.
While exploring the street, daiso, cosmetics shops, and I found the cherryblossom trees.

It was beginning of spring and flowers started blooming. Took plenty of photos with suaku mode haha... First cherry blossoms tree I met. So happy and I was worrying that I won't be able to meet them during my whole trip. So, this one checked list ^^

continued to walk from where I was to Dongdaemun to meet D oppa for dinner. Though staying at outdoor was quite cold but I wanted to see more of Seoul with my eyes and he late some more lol.
but forgave him because he bought me a warm drink after I told him it was so cold.

We went to nearby at a family restaurant along with his friend. Hmm sorry I forgot his name but roughly remembered his face. That is more than enough right.
Something awkward happened when I mistakenly the restaurant was his family business lol hahaha...

After dinner, we dispersed and I didn't want to go back to guesthouse so early. Then I went to Dongdaemun again, hoping to see those LED flowers at Dongdaemun Design Plaza. It was because when I was researched for it, some said they had gone therefore I need to make a trip down to see it with my own eyes to make sure.

Thanksgoodness to what I had seen. They are still here. I've been wanting to visit here after knowing them from K-dramas.

They were more beautiful to see with naked eyes than thru screens.

ugly sia my face

was so cold that night until my face froze and couldn't smile naturally wtF!! Luckily I brought a mask with me to cover my face. Though the mask was made by me few years ago didn't realise I would wear that in Korea. It was a cotton fabric but rather than none.


ocean of stars

Really don't bare to go back to reality sia.. I grew this feeling the moment I exit from the plane lol... too exaggerated? but indeed real

while hanging there, suddenly HJ oppa wanted to meet up and we met for awhile and then walked back to my guesthouse at Anguk st. It might be quite a distance but due to the weather, it wasn't tiring at all.

reached Hanok guesthouse was very late already, quick wash up my face and slept in but before that, I packed my luggages again (this time I had 2, kinda regretted why did I buy another luggage early in my trip lol) as I was going to move to Namsan Guesthouse 2 at Myeongdong tomorrow.
Check my insta story at youtube or checks my instagram for more photos^^


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