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click the ITINERARY on day 4 for guiding to :
Hanok guesthouse 201
청계천 - Cheonggyecheon
광화문/ Gwanghwamun
세종대왕 동상/ King Sejong statue 
캐이라이브/ K-LIVE
동대문/ Dongdaemun

한국 여행 | 서울 4일

The 4th day, moved guesthouse from Hongdae station to Anguk station.
In total, I stayed at 6 different guesthouses.

Before I moved, I met a new friend HJ oppa and he helped me to move my luggage,감사합니다.

Used subway to travel to Anguk station and google map to search the location.

While searching for the guesthouse, selfie first.

Finally reached the Hanok guesthouse 201, checked in n fled. Times were precious lol..

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That's the room I slept in, view from outside.
It is a small cozy traditional house and the hosted by a kind and friendly lady. I appreciated her cares and kindness to me. She approached me even when I came home real late on the first night. She briefed me through and made sure I was fine because she didn't get a proper brief on the day as the room wasn't ready and I checked in and left.

I remembered her voice well till today because I got used to her calling me hi Bella, Bella how is everything? how is that? how is this? everytime she sees me.

She spoke well English and she has a adorable dog.

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Room view, small yet cozy. filled with a traditional cabinet drawers, a cloth matress.

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This soft and comfortable bed is made of clothes and usually laid on  the floor.

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Two shared bathrooms are just located outside of the rooms.
During my staycation, the weather was still freezing cold at night and fell lower than zero degree therefore, it made me so inconvenient because was so cold but right now, I kinda miss that moment TT

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The fascinating view outside of my room.

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When visiting South Korea, of course I had to give a try to live in a traditional house. It really gave different feelings.

During my trip, the weather was still very cold especially at night when it reached lower than zero degree. So I hate going to restroom at night because it was at outside.
(pixelated pictures are from my Instagram story)

After left my luggage, my friend and I went for lunch at nearby restaurant. There are many restaurants and unique, art&antiques shops that would make a good souvenirs and also hanbok rentals shops.

After lunch, went to K-Style. At there provides informations for tourists, korea foods & culture experience facilities, and most importantly free hanbok experience.

One of my purpose was to experience hanbok during my stay in South Korea. Beside than experience hanbok, I got to do some hand crafts.

otw to K-style Hub

Walking to K-Style
Jongak st exit 5 for 4 mins
Euljiro-1-ga st exit 2 for 5 mins
Gwanghwamun st exit 5 for 8 mins

Hanbok little girl

Cute little shoes

These were FREE!!! Perfect for souvenir. The staffs were friendly as they taught me with patient and talked to us too.

After doing the hand craft, I got to try hanbok. With the hanbok you could go outdoors but with a time given and try not to return it late but I was late for half an hour on that day and got nagged by the staffs for awhile hehe..

Surprisingly when I wore the hanbok, I didn't feel cold because was slightly cold and I wore without ny coat.

From K-Style walked to Gwanghwamun square and King sejong statues.

Again, took many selfies with phones but 😭😭😭😭😭

Gwanghwamun st exit 2
Gyeongbokgung st exit 5

King Sejong statue

On the way to Gwanghwamun

Gwanghwamun square st exit 1,2,8

and if you dress in traditional costumes to visit any palaces, the entrance is free of charge!!

I didn't went in to the palace on that day because, the time given was too short.

Anyway, they were also so many people with hanbok. It felt like travelling time back to Joseon era kekeke...

The place was massive to explore therefore I decided to come back again another day.

Returned to K-STYLE HUB to return the Hanbok and explored another level of the building

Next, walked to Cheonggyecheon stream. It is a walking distance. Everything I planned were nearby and closed by. I also like walking. Firstly, save cost, secondly exercise and last but not least, I can explored more views.

Cheonggyecheon is a stream connected to Han River,
Cityhall st exit 4

After strolling at the stream for a while and took local bus to Dongdaemun & K-LIVE. Riding a local bus is also part of my itinerary hehe.

K-live, the world’s first K-pop hologram performance hall invites you to a world of hallyu fantasy. Located on the 9th floor of Lotte FitIn (롯데피트인), the hall showcases a variety of K-pop concerts using the best in hologram technology.

and It's a FREE entrance!!

Dongdaemun history & culture park st exit 11/12


BIGBANG's hand prints

Many more actives, and other idols but I only took pictures with Bigbang oppas lol.

Next, Dongdaemun Plaza and Shopping time.
K-Live is just located in Lotte fitin mall. It very easy to locate and a great idea to shop at night because most of the mall open till late night and there are also many wholesaler vendors where you can shop for latest fashion with wholesale prices.

Before that, went to Dongdaemun plaza. 

So after I dispersed with my friend, I went to Dongdaemun Plaza which was just opposite the malls. The weather was 9 degrees on that evening. I miss that weather lol.

Migliore, one of the mall in Dongdaemun that I visited. look at that opening hours. Insane!! There are more to visit. It is only the matter whether you have the time and filled pocket of money to shop.

I shopped for awhile and bought a large luggage there.
Went home with this hot dog bread for supper.

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