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남산타워/Namsan Tower

서울여행 | 서울 6일
Morning wake up view from my room, small yet cozy. Morning weather drop to 8 degrees celsius and make me want to hide under the blanket for more and not doing anything hehe.

Woke up to wash up although I hate very much to shower haha. Prepared and got ready and waited for my friend to pick me up. (Yes I was really blessed because I have many kind people surrounding me)
The owner's dog. He was so gentle and didn't bark towards me ㅋㅋㅋ no matter how I disturbed its slumbered.

Actually it was in its sleepy mode and didn't want to entertain me at all though I kept trying to take a wefie with him haha...
Then I gave up lol...

After that my friends came, the owner was shocked I had another friend instead of the last one. Lol..
완석 친구 bought me this. Egg bread? Bread egg? 계란빵!!

Something tasted like cake with an egg on top. Not bad it was delicious though but I didn't ate much because I am slightly allergic toward egg.. however small amounts was fine.

He came with his younger friend 조재희 and this person was so funny and so energetic as well as his friend. I was lucky to have them to help me because usually I wouldn't want to spend on cab but I realised that most places in Seoul has only stairs and I hate it very much to lift my luggages everywhere with only stairs.

On that day I had to move to Myeongdong station from Anguk station. Too bad after they helped me to Myeongdong and we had to dispersed TT hope to meet him again. 

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Venue : Namsan Guesthouse 2
I like this guesthouse a lot because it was so personal and each cubicles was given a television. I chose a female dorm but with shared toilet with others. 
This guesthouse was walkable or opposite to Myeongdong and also very near to Namsan Tower.

After checked-in and I met 송회 at Myeongdong. She is another little sis to me and which we continue to contact each other everyday until today. She couldn't speak English n I couldn't speak korean very well so she would speak to me in korean and I replied with my broken korean haha..

Our first wefie at a restaurant at Myeongdong. She bought me lunch although I should be the one that take care of everything lol..

부대찌개 that I used to like before coming to Korea. The serving was a lot and we couldn't finish it. We also order banana 막걸리. I love makgoellis but it was so expensive to buy outside of Korea.

After lunch, we continued to shop at Myeongdong for cosmetics, 송회 also gave me a concealer from Innisfree. Myeongdong is a cosmetic heaven for me, yet I couldn't buy anything because I didn't want to dragged them along during my trip.

Then I suggested to go to Namsan Tower since it is only mearby but I forgot to bring my lockkkk 🔐 hahaha.. 

From Myeongdong st exit 1, walked to another side on the left to up hill to take a bus no. 5. Actually there's sign that you can follow. Just a walking distance so don't worry 😉

The bus brought us all the way up to the Namsan bus stop

N Seoul Tower view as soon as I alighted from the bus. Felt overwhelmed and touched because I was finally there.

Everyday in Korea, it feels like a dream.

Took the elevator up

Different levels of the building had different contents and activities. including hanbok experiencing at the ground level.

Majestic view of Seoul city.

I miss Seoul T.T

walked up to the tower

my partner of the day.
Many went with couples but not me huhuhu..
오빠 어디서??ㅋㅋ


Dinner at Mom's touch in Myeongdong.
so delicious I miss the foods


Myeongdong at night, was similar to night market. Many delicious food streets, clothing, and more~

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