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click the ITINERARY on day 8 for guiding to :
쁘띠프랑스 - Petite France
나미섬 -  Nami Island
강촌레일바이크 - Gangchon Railbike

서울여행 | 서울 8일

Today was special because I joined a tour with strangers from Singapore and Malaysia to visit Petite France, Nami Island and Gangchon rail bike for a day. These places were slightly further from Seoul moreover I was alone hence I joined a tour. At 9am I went to Myeongdong exit 1 to meet the guide and bus. Actually it was a little awkward because everyone there came in a pairs. except me 😓😭 with a tripod. Actually I expected that there will be someone who was also alone like me but no and the group was small too lol.

쁘띠프랑스 - Petite France
Map of Petite France

Open 9am - 6pm

 First location; Petite France. If you watch my love from another star, the popular K-Drama of Kim Soo hyun and Jun Ji Hyun. That was the location.

Taken by the guide

She was the guide of the day. She is a Chinese. I felt like her face looks like a friend of mine lol

The scene that appeared on My love from another star
French culture gallery where you feel even the breath of Europe

Spotted this tree. Pretty hor~

Kim Soo Hyun & Jun Ji Hyun

Me and Imaginary Oppa

Antiques Flea Market "Antika"

With Saint Quan flea market, one of the top 3 flea markets in France as the motif, Antika displays and sells various kinds of antiques.

Petite Event Hall

Outdoor cafe

I love this nature views

Pond de Fabre

Petite Terrace

Maison de Marie

Gallery "Quatre Saisons"

Gallery "Cote d'Azur"

Behind me is Amphittheater, which you can watch many free performances of the day. There are Orgel Demonstration, Hand Puppet - Guignol, String Puppet - Marionette, Traditional French Game - Petanque, Marionette Dance Performance, Street Musician, and Manipulating the Marionette.

After visiting Petite France, we went to nearby for this 닭갈비. Similar to Yoogane. It was chicken dishes. The waiters helped us to cook and I was joined with another 2 older lady from Singapore.

    나미섬 -  Nami Island
As soon as we finished the lunch, we went to Nami Island. Mention of it, Winter Sonata would come in mind. It was another popular drama back then.

 The guide gave us each a visit pass and brochure of the island included map.

     Nami island is situated 63km from Seoul in the middle of the Han     River and it looks like a leaf floating gracefully on top of Cheongpyeong Lake.

No mountains in the island except tall trees and wide grassy gardens where deer, ostriches, rabbits, squirrels, ducks and birds.

Boarded a ferry to Nami Island

It was just a few minutes journey thus I chose to stand at outside to view the scenerary.

The entrance of the Island

Fire to warm the island lol, because I saw left over ices that hadn't melted.

kkachi" (까치)

Korean bird


Baekpungmilwon Maple Garden

spotted left over snow or ice? I didn't know la cz I have never seen snow yet.

but it was dirty and I had to look for a spot for me to photo "from where I stand".

Also not forgetting to take a selfca hehe

who ice~

fake snowmans

ostrich at The Song Garden


UNICEF Charity Train 

price 3,000KW
Boarding point : Nami Wharf Train Station / Central Train Station

First Kiss Glass Sequoia bridge

Winter Sonata first kiss

Eco Farm Yeonryeonji Pond

Unicef Hall

Lol while taking photo suddenly interrupted by an ahjussi hahaha

Winter Sonata album

Metasequoia Lane

Ginkgo tree Lane

The triangle huts at the background were KimChi Hut

Winter Sonata Statue

Dodamsambong garden nami

Walked thru this pond and spotted this. I saw many people went in the pond to take picture with it and at first I wondered what is that then I realised "ohhh Ice mini hill" hahaha lol

It was toward the end of winter and I was lucky that i could experience winters and see left over snow.

dodamsambong garden nami

Queued for arrival ferry to back to island

bye2 TT Namiseom till we meet again~

view from ferry~

Namimaid Statue

Zip-wire tower, which you can choose it to go to Nami Island

    강촌레일바이크 - Gangchon Railbike

The most struggle and pathetic for this one. The first second trips, I didn't feel so awkward haha~ but this haisss, I asked the guide to accompany me but she couldnt lol. The guide told us that we need to ride an hour to reach another location and meet her there to end the journey. 

At first the way was quite smooth and fast. Until I reach some way that I need to ride it and I was so exhausted and almost giving up because I was alone T.T and it was so tiring that I was expected.
I thought this ride was automated and controlled by electricity but no lol.

During the bike, I had to video, Photo and I was so afraid that I would drop my phone there.

I was between 2 pairs of couples, front and back and it made me so awkward lol 😅😂


but the views were spectacular and so nice. Soon I forgot everything.

Sometimes when I went to slow, I felt bad for people who behind me. The reasons were I want to take photos and also my legs were exhausted but I must force myself to carry on.

No, they went further~

I must not give up

Finally I was nearer to others because people behind me kept chasing up.

Finally I watched up with the groups in front hehe

Happy Bubble tunnel

Damn finally I reached the stop station. My legs almost broke and damn pain lol..

So many people here at the stop station to wait for the train to bring us to the final destination

Me in the train

Continued to enjoy the sceneries. I really love this place because I love to view nature places, it makes me so calm and peacefully.

Tadaaa reached the final destination and end of today trip. Back to Myeongdong seoul and reached there around 7pm+.

moral of the day:
Nothing is impossible to complete no matter how awkward, reluctant, uncomfortable it is. The worst will eventually pass and go by the flow hence we just need to bear it it and enjoy with the flow.

This trip would definitely remembered deeply in my heart, because no way I would have done this by myself if not in South Korea thus I was really grateful and loved it.

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