Day 4 - Itinerary part 1
Lantau Island
Ngo Ping 360
Tian Tan Buddha
268 steps of stairs
Po Lin Monastery
Wisdom path

HONGKONG day 4, part 1

Another unusual trip of me in Hong Kong. Usually most of the people like to visit Hong Kong just for foods and shoppings but not me.

So, it was a bright sunny day but not unbearably hot. Anyway, luckily bought the tickets online way earlier so I could skip the long queue and got the tickets way faster~

Despite of many people, the queues moved really fast. Each of the cabins fitted 6-8 peoples.
There are many choices to visit the Ngo ping village. They are cable cars, buses, cars or even by walking (hiking). I chose to board a cable car. The cable car I boarded was called crystal which is mean the cabin was made by transparent glasses.

Unfortunately the crystal cabin was popular by many people and I had to share with other passangers la hahaha. I thought I could just enjoy it by myself so I could take tons of pictures.

The cabins came in frequent so don't worry. 

can spot the airport too 

Spot the big Buddha before arriving

Arrival hall, where I alighted from the cable car. Short walking distance to the monastery and the big buddha and wisdom path. Along the way, you might get distracted by eye catching souvenirs shop, delicious restaurants, museums, and more performances. Therefore I would suggest to visit there earlier.

Ps : there is also a vegetarian restaurant or rather canteen in the monastery.

was overwhelmed and welcome by the spectacular view of Lantau Island

It was saturday but the crowds were still fine and manageable. 

Souvenirs shop

The monks were giving free martial art lesson

ootd first lol

Wild cows every where. they were allowed to stroll freely but be careful not to step on their poop hahaha. But please don't feed them anything ok.

Photo before climbing up the 268 steps of stairs to reach the top.

The buddha statue is 34 metres (112 ft) tall, weighs over 250 metric tons (280 short tons), and was constructed from 202 bronze pieces.

Finally I made to the peak.

Beautiful views come after the hardest climb. Totally worth it.

That is Po Lin Monastery.

Jump freely lol. 

The Po Lin Monastery gate

The Vegetarian & desserts cafe just located beside the monastery. The foods were affordable price and had wide of variation.

Something red beans jelly cake? I forgot the name.

Mango Sago

Economy fried beehoon

From the monastery, u may want to follow the signage that leading way to wisdom path. It took bout 15-20mins depending on your walking speeds. It had to pass through some kind of forest and nature pathway before u finally reach there.

However it worth to take a visit when I was already there. The place was known or rather had less crowds of tourist. I didn't know how to explain in words so u just try by urself.

The wisdom path has 38 wooden timbers or poles. Each of the timber has 8-10m and each of it contains Chinese characters of heart sutra that was used by buddhist. By the way if you look from above, it actually forms the number of 8.

ok when returning back, It had more freedom to move around because of less passengers hehe.

How to get there :
by MTR, exit B of Tung Chung station. Pass by the city gate outlet to Ngongping 360 cable car centre.


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