How to get there :
Exit D2 of Central station, walk to the right side towards theatre lane and turn left towards D'Aguilar Street followed by a right to Stanley Street.
一樂燒鵝 has wide variety of menu to choose from but the most famous one is roasted goose that most people would go for it.
YAT LOK ROAST GOOSE is one of the Hong Kong's cha chaan teng (restaurant/cafe) that is awarded by michelin. However unlike other awarded restaurants, 一樂燒鵝 doesn't look as fancy nor high end as compared to other michelin-star restaurant but the foods are worth trying. The space was quite packed with well-furbished interiors and might sharing with other customers.
After browsing thru the menu and we decided to order roast pork with roasted goose that serve two person. The goose skins were fragrant and oily crispy and left me an awe and the meats texture were juicy but slightly tough to bite lol and the pork skins were really too crispy and hard but savoury.
While having our meal, one of the customers beside us ordered this mee sua soup with roast goose. The soup was savoury and sweet. It was delicious. Just that we were slightly to full and couldn't finish the mee sua hehe.
Ice milk Tea
Lemon coke
Address : G/F 34-38 Stanley St, Central, Hong Kong
Opening Hours : Monday to Saturday from 10:00am -21:00pm, 
Sunday and Public Holidays from 10:00am -17:30pm

rate 4/5


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