click the itinerary day 3 for guiding to :
이화여대학교/ Ehwa women university
홍대/ Hongdae
카페/ Thanks nature cafe

한국여행 | 서울3일

Damn it's already day 3 😣

Had strawberry jam toast n orange juice and headed out for the day.

Today was a shopping day
Location : Ehwa University shopping street

Arrived there pretty early and decided to explore for another direction.

After walked for certain distances, worried that I might end up walking further therefore I walk back toward the women's university Ehwa.

Ehwa University is famous for shopping street that sells a lot of trendy and latest fashion within the affordable prices.

Many students went there to shop. There are also wholesalers. The prices range start from cheapest 10000KW I believed.

With 10000KW u can find many beautiful items. I went mad and wouldn't have time to think of being awkward to shop by myself. No time to think that okay.. so many eye catching stuffs and I wanted to buy almost everything but I had to control my purse because I still had many many more days ahead. I changed SGD2000 but I still left some bucks when I came back 🤔

Ehwa station exit 2/3

The only pictures I left T.T

Bought some cheap masks outside of that wholesaler shop.
It was 805KW/pc and bought really a lot and also help some friends to buy stuffs.

Overwhelmed with those adorable socks... I couldn't lol..

The end of the day I had myself a huge burden.( I regretted to purchase everything so soon, I had mentioned because I was almost mad n couldn't control. My trip was still long and during my stay, I shifted guesthouse 5 times in Seoul n 2 times in Busan)

Haissss anyway.. bygone let bygone because if I was asked to repeat the trip, I think I would still do it again hehe..

During the trip I shopped a lot for clothes because I only brought limited pieces and I planned for it hehe...
Had myself an excuse to keep shopping lahhh..

Since I had that big bag, I couldn't walk around with it anymore because It was so heavy and I went back to pinkhouse to drop the loots and prepared to meet 짱구 오빠 for dinner lol.

We had 해장국( hangover soup)for dinner although we didn't have alcohol before lol.

My fav dishes because it tastes spicy and I loved it.

Food pictures lost

After we had dinner, we went to Sheep Cafe near Hongdae and passed by this beautiful cafe

one of the cafes in Hongdae back alleys
Otw to sheep cafe

Good environment for coffee talks as outside was so cold

You may also interact with the sheeps.
I touched them but they seemed shy and kept walking away from me. Hahaha..

Thanks nature cafe
Location : Hongdae

Calendula tea

Introduced Lulu and Lala the sheeps

Cute 🐑 sheeps, first time seeing them so lively and closely.

They are so soft and comfy to touch hehe.. Most importantly, they weren't stink..

안녕 친구
Hello friend 

After hanging with the sheeps, I dispersed with my friend too.

On the way home I bought supper to guesthouse

오뎅 (fishcakes) & 떡볶이 (rice cakes)

오뎅 just unconsciously became my favourite. Perhaps that salty soup suited my taste bud lol.

Regretted for eating 오뎅 too much in Seoul because when I was in Busan, the price was way cheaper.

If I bought 1 in Seoul, I could buy 4 in Busan.. regretted I spent too much lol.. 

Anyway the vendor were very generous and gave me a big portion. Feeling way too full from the dinner and ate somemore for supper then I kept half for breakfast lol.

Walking past by the street and saw these LED flowers and thought they were beautiful hehe..

Too beautiful to not spamming the photos lol...

3 more similar yet different in everything hehehehe...

Walked pass KakaoTalk store.. must go in to snap a photo n leave hehe..

I love this character Ryan.. Don't you think that he is so cute with that innocence look -.-

Thoooo kyuteee 😍😘

After snapping and went home while videocall with Vina because she wants to see oppa(s) ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Reached home, supper and pack luggage.
3 days only and I already had 3/4 full lol...

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