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Seoul trip Day 1,

click the Itinerary on day 2 for guiding to :
하늘공원/Haneul Park
이화여대학교/Ehwa women's university
한강/Han river

한국 여행 | 서울 2 날

그날은 내 생일날이에요^^
It was my birthday^^

Some of the dreams do come true. Happiest day ever in my life. I wish every year, on this day I could visit Seoul at least for once. 🙏🏻

It was a second day, again I was traveling the city by myself before meeting friend in the evening. Most of the time I met them after their off time.

However I was fine and happy anyway. I could visit and stay at whatever places I like and had my own sweet time. I dislike travel with others most of the time actually because most of the time I couldn't express my dislike as I always care for their thoughts before me 😏😒

Thus surprisingly, this trip really a pleasant trip for me. I enjoyed it very much.

I left the guesthouse quite late around 11am though my planned was 9am haha.. Had bread toast with strawberry & orange juice.

First station, Haneul Park (하늘 공원) at Seoul World Cup stadium station.

How to go read here

360 degrees view

Seoul World Cup Stadium station exit 1

selfie at car park

ootd first

(Too bad on the first and second day, almost everything I took with my phone 😭😰)

Seoul World Stadium

Nanjicheon / Nanji stream

Selfie with the zigzag stairway(921steps) at the background

It was spring though but were them autumn leaves?

Took a lot of pictures with phone but lost ㅠㅠ

Finally reached the top

Spectacular view of Seoul city

Han River

하늘공원 (억새밭)
Wheat field 👉🏻

Touristy photo to proof that I came lol

Strolling at the park for half a day but unfortunately couldn't visit every corner of it.

Next station, went to Ehwa university for browsing

Ehwa university exit 2/3

If only my former school was as cool as this, there won't be any absences kkk

Or if only I know such school exist then I would had studied harder huhu..

Wow riteeee~
(Suaku mode)

I didn't know why but it reminded me of harry porter lol..

On the way bought a honey chicken and the moment I ate it was like wowZzzz Delicious siaaaaaaa
(Teary eyes)

After hanging there and met another friend, Jae oppa who I met in Singapore too. We went to Sinsa station for dinner..

We ate 족발 and walked to hangang although it was freezing cold especially at night.

But at least for me was a worth but poor thing for my friend 😂 haha

Night view of Han river with Seoul tower

It was more beautiful to see with naked eyes

Last stop here and it was getting colder towards midnight therefore we dispersed after there and end for the day.

Sinda station exit 8, walk toward gerosulgil st

OTW to subway station, passed by a Line store. I love the store because everything was so cute.

Thankful day and amazing birthday without any special celebrations. Being able to be in Seoul on my birthday had been wonderful present for me.

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