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싱가포르 (Singapore)

드디어 한국에 다녀왔어요~
한국에 갈 수 있었어서 정말 감동하고 행복하고 감사했어요.

Annyeong, finally I am back from kimchi country.
It was such a greatful, blessed journey for me. It was so unreal even I tried to recall back but I am feeling very thankful.

thus, here I would like to write down as part of my precious memorable moments. I know, it is rather too late but I just couldn't move on lol.

Ps: I lost my phone one weak after the trip therefore i lost many of my precious photos 😞😭

한국 여행 | 서울 1일

Virgin solotrip ever yuhuuuuuu~
I have had always wish to go for solotrip for once.

Solotrip ✔️
Visit South Korea ✔️

Airport outfit kkk, because it was a long flight therefore I just wanted to wear something comfortable.

ootd : sweater with lazy jumper and a coat (I went on March so it was early of spring and slightly cold) and a pink huge luggage.
At Changi Airport, Singapore.


Selfie while on board.

Feeling anxious,nervous,excited,happy,blissful, whatever mixing feelings but I'm glad I did it.

After 6hours 25mins of flight finally I landed safely in Incheon, Seoul 😍😍😍(teary eyes) lol.

After clearing the custom, I went straight to Hongdae where my pink guesthouse located.

Yes all pink. The guesthouse name is Nanu Pink House. It is suitable for girls like me who adore with pink stuffs.

Luckily I was familiar with the subway system however Seoul's subway is rather more complicated than Singapore.

However I realised that South Korea has many stairs. Although there are lifts but I just couldn't find and confuse. Ended up I walked many ways lol and because I was indoor and so I didn't wear the coat and I dropped it accidentally after alighting but I didn't aware till I went outdoors...I quickly visited the passengers office and it found.. heng siaaaa thanks goodness because the coat wasn't mine.

Actually Seoul is really solo travel friendly country. Using google map, and pocket wifi, it gave me a really awesome and easy trip

Thank you YOuyou for being a wonderful travelmate lol.

The only photo I had in Nanu Pinkhouse.

picture from
picture from
After settling down my luggage, I should go out straight but I was too tired and took a nap without meal.

Wow really fell in love with the spring weather in Seoul. Amazingly in love with it. After experience the weather, I can't stand with summer anymore lol..

First selca outside the guesthouse lol

Guesthouse surrounding

First meal - 오뎅
Favourite snack during the trip.

Fish pancake - 붕어빵

Hongdae station exit 6

In the evening, appointment with friend, Kim. We met once in Singapore when she visited and she is my first korean friend too.

First meal of the day bbQ - 삼겹살

ootd at Line Store

Cafe after dinner

Let's meet again soon

Night view

Bought clothes n some cosmetics

Found this nice cafe

Otw back to guesthouse and rest of the day
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