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  Another virgin trip to Hongkong yeah... This trip, I spent only for a week in Hongkong. Though to me it was still a short trip and inadequate hehe. I had more that I hadn't had a chance to visit. I hope I would visit there again soon. Despite being late for 2 months after the trip I sometimes still missing there for the foods and places hehee~ 
  I enjoyed every time the plane take off. It just made me felt fascinating and excited hahaha. I love the bird eyes view through the small window of the plane. 
 Finally reached Hong Kong's airport around 2pm. was rushing to hotel at Jordan station and ready for Hong Kong's cuisine yeahh~ I took Airport express line to Tsing yi and then change to Tsuen Wan Line at Lai King station before fnally to Jordan station.

A typical tourist photo at Jordan station.
(which I took almost everywhere I alighted at the station haha
Bought this first Hong Kong's beverage at Jordan station and not knowing it was almond tea. I wasn't fan of almond actually but I saw that yellow thingy and mistaken it for soya milk instead hehe. Hey, not that I was exaggerated but it was not that bad after tasted. The liquid is thick form and dense. It is more similar to almond paste and it states that it's good for health also lol.
  This budget hotel is suitable for backpackers. It located just outside of the Jordan station. Though the size is 13 metre square but ok lah haha... I wouldn't mind to stay there again for next trip.

  This is the room. Small and cozy but the toilet a bit stink but not that strong lar~ I booked this hotel through and the hotel has no lift.

  My so called of neighborhood for the next few days. There is a shopping mall just above the Jordan station, which is also the opposite of the hotel, There were restaurants, cafes, supermarket, best 360 mart, shops which are just within walking distance.

  After settling the hotel, as according to plan we went to DIM SUM ICON x MUFFY by walking since it is only a station away. Along the way, there are shops that would distract you away. It wasn't that far to walk from Jordan station to Tsim Sha Shui station after all. 

Dinner at Dim Sum Icon x Miffy
The adorable cafe which is selling cute foods.
Read here for direction guide and review!

  Everyone should know Dim Sum Icon in Hong Kong by now. It is a themed Dim Sum restaurant at The ONE mall. Dim Sum Icon changes their character themes every three months. The restaurant was on Miffy themed when I visited.

Selfie at the mall~
Next station, Mongkok !!
whenever visited Hong Kong, explore and discover Mongkok is a must hehee~

Remember to visit these places for shopping:

- Ladies market; 10am - 11pm 
Exit E2 of Mongkok station. Walk along Nelson street for 2 block toward Tung Chui street.

Sneaker street & Fa Yuen street; 10:30am - 10pm
Exit D3 of Mongkok station. Walk along Argyle street to Fa Yuen street.

Since you are at Mongkok, don't forget to visit LOU DIM DIM SUM 老點點心竹筒飯 at exit D2 of Mongkok station and walk to left down Argyle street. Turn right at Yim Po Fong street.

Discover Mongkok !!
Explore Mongkok !!

  A lot of night market vendors but I was only window shopping and didn't really buy much except cosmetics and clothes hehe.

  My ootd ; top from Bali, with denim short were perfect for that stuffy warm weather.

Ordered a drink here

Tangerine with lime juice.

  thought it was normal orange juice but it was super sour. couldn't finished it haha.

  The day I went was on 15th of eighth lunar month, which was actual day of Mid-Autumn  festival (fell on 4th October,2017 in western calender). The carnival start from 3rd to 6th or Oct 2017. Locals or tourists were all gathered at Causewaybay and Tin Hau and heading to the carnival at Victoria park. 

  While heading to Victoria park to join the Mid-autumn lantern carnival at Victoria park. Ape was giving out free lanterns to everybody so of course I queued hahahaha... because I wanted that goody bags lol.

This is the lantern, no candles needed but a small torch light.

  The lantern just come in time and so I don't need to buy plus everybody held lanterns so I didn't feel left out.

   Mid-autumn lantern carnival at Victoria park. The carnival was huge and filled with crowds. The lanterns design were cute and unique too and decorate with a full moon. However, it started drizzling around 10:30pm and I was a little bit of disappointed actually because I wanted to watch the fire dragon dance at Tai Hang which performed at 10:45pm. Luckily the rain stopped after few minutes and I continue to explored the park.

  However people mountain people sea 人山人海, the views got blocked and I couldn't really watch the performance which a bit disappointed la. Read here for more picture of the lanterns and direction guide.

My original itinerary ( screenshot from Ms.word)

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