Yogyakarta day 1

My first travel to Java Island, Indonesia. I live Bintan, other than Batam I had never been outside of Riau. It was a trip with another 7 group friends of mine and was also our very first trip escaping to this big Island and we look forward for more in the near future


After coming back from South Korea on 6th, I flew back directly to Batam on 8th of April. Hehehehe . I went to Yogyakarta, Java island. This was my first time travelling within Indonesia actually hehehe.. Due to Lion Air delayed, some of my friends went a day earlier than me. Left me with 2 dudes haha..

Check out at Hang Nadim airport, Batam

Private plane lol

This was us proudly sitting at the wrong row of seats.

Travelmates ; Asang, Laohia
It was Asang's virgin flight hahaha.
Batam - Yogyakarta
2 hours

Arrived in Yogyakarta

First meal in Yogyakarta, dinner.

The next day~


 During trips at Indonesia, unfortunately we don't have any subways within the country yet to travel by ourselves. To save the time consumed, we rent a van with a private driver to ride us.

Yeas it was more convenient and more practically because the journey that we visited were a little bit far of the town and very time consuming.

Group photos before went in to the Borobudur temple.
The world heritage buddhist temple that is located at Magelang, Central Java, Indonesia.

I am proud that, Borobudur is one of the UNESCO heritage site in INDONESIA.

However, we visited there in the late morning and the crowds were insane.

The weather was unbearably hot with scorching sun

Got so much tan during the first location. As you can see that my face was burning red.

During the trip, I was mistakenly by local students as a foreigner kekekeke... Many of them asked for pictures lol 😹

Look at the crowds la.. couldn't find a proper place to take a instagram-worthy picture lol. 

But this scenery I saw, afar from the temple. After photoshopped away all the extra humans lol.

Along with my travelmates

Xiaoing, Okta

Friendship holds poreber~

of course with these people too.
They had made the best memories for the trip.

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Stones on the temple walls

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Later in the noon, the crowds was lesser.

When leaving the temple, there is a tourists market that sell many of the local products. Be it souveniers, accessories, clothings, batiks, toys , foods and etc

Key chains 

handmade necklaces


PS: for the Tye dye shirts I bought few for my families and I love wearing them because the materials are really cooling, made of cotton/linen. However they shrank a little when first wash so buy bigger size and it looks nicer with baggy look.



Next location, Candi Plaosan.

It is a Buddhist temples located in Bugisan village of Central Java.

When I was there the crowds wasn't as large compared to Borobudur temple.

Spot me


Another photo with travelmates 

Behind the scene hahahaha



Prambanan or Rara Jonggrang is a 9th-century Hindu temple compound in Central Java, Indonesia. It is also one of UNESCO world heritage sites in Indonesia.



Unlike the other huge heritage of Borobudur and Prambanan temples, some parts of the Ratu Boko's building was destroyed. Ratu Boko is not a temple but an ancient palace, an archaeological site known to modern Javanese. It probably served a religious purpose, as some kind of Hindu or Buddhist shrine in the Ratu Boko complex.

Happened to have some traditional music performances when we visited.

Us with beautiful sunset at the background, too bad it couldn't really be captured but we enjoyed it.


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