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Yogyakarta day 3

Check out our villa at Jogja~

Railway around our neighbourhood. I had no idea the location name at all hahhaa 

while on the way to Kalibiru. It was a long journey tho..

Rice field. I saw many rice fields during days in Java.

Yeah right my first time riding on jeep. Kalibiru is located on top of mountain thus we had to change to jeep to reach the top.

Kalibiru National Park is a beautiful nature park , a peaceful environment and beautiful scenery. The park is located at the Menoreh hills, at 450 meters above sea level. The park also offers great sunsets and fun outdoor activities, such as tree tops that offers great views, flying fox and trekking paths.

Before arrived here, we had to walk up a really stiff slope of path in order to reach.

I may look calm and peacefully sit at the edge but I was actually terrifying shaking my body lol. I thought it was nothing because there was safety belt but sigh...

I couldn't leave my hand from that tree branch through out till the end. However it was really a worth experience ever. I highly recommended you to try at least once lar.... if not what's the point to visit right hahaha...

By the way the fee for photo taking is* ;

SPOT 1: Rp15000
SPOT 2: Rp10000
SPOT 3: Rp10000
SPOT 4: Rp15000

*ps: prices might change due to seasons

Breath taking view of Yogyakarta

Other activities include this. Meeting with cute owls

I chose the smallest one because the rest looked very fierce haha


Jl. Malioboro

Malioboro street is one of the tourist spot that must visit and also the most famous street in Yogyakarta. It is also known as the most busiest street because it is known as the legendary shopping district in Yogyakarta.

Malioboro has plenty of shopping destinations and you will find everything from local markets to sophisticated malls.

 There are bags, shirts,hand-made crafts and batiks, also sandals, sarongs, hats and more souvenir items. The prices are all almost the same with other vendors. However you can always bargain for further discount if you buy more. I did more bargain and the vendors were all almost willing to give me.

“Andong” the ubiquitous four-wheeled horse-drawn carts.

People use andong for transportation along Malioboro street to nearby station.

During the night, the street was more lighten up with performances playing traditional instruments and singing.

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