Day 3 - Itinerary
Yat Lok Roast Goose
Lamma Island
The Peak by Tram
Madamme Tussauds



Yoo~ It's day 3 and checked out at Central station.
Central station exit D2
Yat Lok Roast Goose δΈ€ζ¨‚燒顝
G/F, 28 Stanley Street, Central Hong Kong
 Click here for direction guide.
Visit Yat Lok Roast Goose for brunch because it is recommended in Michelin list. Ordered this portion for 2 person. Roasted goose and pork.
Mee sua with goose drumstick
Explored the street vendors just outside the restaurant. It sells many cheap stuffs from clothing, accessories to souvenirs. I then bought a new memory card for my camera at the nearby shop.

After having meal, walked to central pier 4 for going to Lamma island. Passed by a the IFC mall, don't forget to check out the huge apple store there.

Beautiful flowers at the entrance of the mall~
IFC Mall
Outfit of the day~

Walking to the pier at the end of the bridge.
Heading to pier 4
Toward the end of the bridge turn left and go to this direction.
Ferry schedules
No need for advance booking for the tickets because, the fee can be paid by octopus card.
Yes the ferry is the same size that I took to Macau. But 30 minute ferry ride to Lamma island is totally worth to enjoy the quiet side of Hong Kong
Arrived liao at Yung shue wan~
Lamma Island
It is the third largest island in Hong Kong is the most interesting place to experience the natural life of Hong Kong, wide range of seafood, the countryside, walks and views. Thus I suggested rent a bike during strolling in the island.

I was planning to walk from Yung Shue Wan to Sok Kwu Wan but it seems that the journey took more than 1hour (depend on own speed of walking). Moreover my bf had been kept complaining tired since the very beginning because of his legs were hurt
due to over walking on the first day.πŸ˜’ hence we didn't explore much then went back to central.

Found a beancurd shop along the way to the beach. 
Island's map

Hung Shing Yeh beach

Pear Tea Drink

Explored half of the island only and decided not to walk any further because most of the island was only forest so we went back to the central.
Central pier

Photo at the central pier first before heading to the Peak Tram by walking again.
How to get to the peak tram : Take bus no. 15C from Central pier 8 or exit J2 of Central station.

in the chater garden, walk towards the direction of Bank of China is.
Cross queen road centre and garden road and heading to Cheung Kong Centre

Walk up further 
Walk up the garden road until reach lower Albert road and pass by St. John Cathedral.
Keep walking up and cross lower Albert road and garden road.
The Peak Tram tower terminus is just opposite. Walk along the pathway and surrounding the fountain before reaching the entrance.
The Peak Tram
The queue was insane. So many people there and luckily we bought the ticket online here with combo for tram and Madamme Tussauds for each person HK$294. You will find out later the reason why we didn't include the sky terrace 428 in tickets because we didn't find it necessary when we could have free views for ourselves.
The peak tram, the most funicular railways of one of the world's oldest way and interesting way to reach the Victoria peak tram terminus. It is also reachable by foots and other public transportation.

It took awhile before we could finally board the tram. There was too many tourists.
Remember to keep on the right when seating in order to have a good views later. Steep buildings that pass by look like they are leaning as you travel on the gradient degrees.
The ride only took few minutes. However, luckily we went there earlier because I reached there when the sky was still bright but without realising when I reached the peak, the sky had turned dark and I missed the sunset.
Madamme Tussauds
Since the sun had set then we headed to Madamme Tussauds first to met some friends here kekekeke~. It is not foreign anymore to people because it is known for having wax or candles of famous and important people around the world.
Just outside the wax museum
The Victoria Peak
It is known as the highest peak in Hong Kong that offered spectacular panoramic view of Hong Kong island.
Free spot just outside the museum. This it I meant if you only wanted to enjoy the view and take some pictures and go without really spending time in there. Of course if you go inside the sky terrace there, you will have fully 360 degrees of scenic views la.. otherwise no need to spend such extra money lor..

Or you may also look for another place just within a walking distance away from the tower.
Go to the right side there and keep walking~
Until you reach here and keep walking (following the sign)
Sneak peak of the view. Keep walking to the left. You will soon have the full sight view of the Hong Kong.
Enter that small and dark path road there. I walked in timidly but no regret because the view was awesome and you can have it all for yourself without any disturbances from other tourists.

Or better view at another spot. (I forgot the level but I remember it was just outside of KFC/burger king). Just look for it, you will find it. The views were different better and clear.
Red beans milk
Red beans mochi
Red beans tofu
These were our dinner hahahah... it was so late and red beans were good for refilling our energies.
Bye2~ till I visit again in future
Famous landmarks skyscrapers in Hong Kong
otw walked back to central station
Didn't have chance to ride this tramway perhaps next trip hehehe
On the way back to hotel at Jordan

My original itinerary ( screenshot from Ms.word)

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