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부산여행 | 3일
Haedong Yonggungsa Temple
Exit 7 from Haeundae st, and board bus no. 181 and alight when you see this brown sign on the right.

Once u alighted from the bus, walk to this stone sign direction and follow the arrow.

you will walked all the way from there upward. It will take a distance before you reach the temple.

It was fine because I was accompanied by beautiful flowers and the weather was friendly too. Normally no way I would walk so peacefully and calm without any complaints if I was at my tropical country.

Everything under the cherry blossom trees were just pleasant to me even my mood.

Although most of them were still in bud stage but I was still fascinated.
caused had never seen them mha.., so even it was just buds and I was very excited and satisfied lol.

But there were also some full bloomed trees. In the pictures, they may appear whiter but it was in a nice shade of light pink.

After passed by the cherry blossom street, you will see many vendors selling foods and accessories and souvenirs.

Thought of it I think I didn't see any vegetarian stalls but perhaps  it had inside of the temple.

group of students just arrived.

The legend of history if you are interested but I never bother la hehe...

Turn left ←

Go in from here~

Walked down the stairs

It will lead you to amazing path

Walked thru this gate


Haedong Yonggung Temple is a Buddhist temple in Gijang-gun, Busan, South Korea. The temple was built in 1376 by the teacher known as Naong during the Goryeo Dynasty, and was originally known as Bomun Temple.

The most beautiful place I had been in Busan. I would visit again the next time I go to Busan.

Pardon my freezing ice face lol.

Clear blue water

This way to the buddha temple

A lot of old folk tourists

View on the left side when u walk to the temple.

View on the right side.

Many people made wishes by throwing coins into the bowl. I forgot if I tried also but sure I missed it lol.

Further walked in the temple, there are many buddha statues that i familiar with.

Holy drink?

Many people took the drink to consume but I didn't lahh...

Buddha Maitreya

Buddha Guan Yin

Bold and bright prints architecture 

Allowed me to spam de photos of these coz was too beautiful and I cannot just store it in my SD card lol.

That random tourist ahjumma that took this picture, Kamsahabnida~

SongJeong Beach

After from the temple, took the same bus back to Haeundae st and I walked to the beach. Although it needed a distance but since the weather is friendly why not?


take train to Haeundae st, exit 7 and take bus no. 39,63,100 and 181 and get off at Songjeong beach bus station.

There are many beaches in Busan. This is the 2nd I visited

The view is fascinating and something what i rarely see at my hometown or perhaps won't be able to see.


The beach has the most coolest view but I was alone haha

In addition with the cold air I didn't stay for too long.

Vitamin sea I had during the stay in Busan

Peaceful and calm.

The light house.
I don't know if that was the same light house I saw at Nurimaru Apec House

The beach is big and very clean sands

When I was standing there, I knew that my hometown was somewhere further in front lol

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