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click the ITINERARY  on day 16 for guiding to :
누리마루 APEC 하우스 - Nurimaru APEC House
광안리 해수욕장 Gwangalli beach

부산여행 | 2

Good Morning day 2 in Busan. Last night I went to Daiso and bought this instant risotto because my room was available to cook.

Morning munchy while watching Goblin de drama. I really getting used  to with the life there but left in a week time.

This morning, a sudden loud siren rang while I was relaxing at home. So terrified and panic and soon followed with an announcement but I didn't understand it haha...

Then I quickly showered and pack my stuffs and left the house. But I didn't see anyone was running/walking around the corridor hence I assumed everything was fine and calm and I left the house.

Soon after I alighted at Dongbaek st, I forgot the incident lol.

In Busan, spring arrived earlier than Seoul and it was also warmer(cool). Flowers bloomed and beautifully filled the whole city.

Peaceful and clean street while walking to NURIMARU Apec House.

Walked up there and beach ahead ↑ and turn left ←

Passed by this beach
(I don't know the name)

Turn left ← to Nurimaru Apec House

Bright and beautiful flowers brighten my day and forgot all the stress.

I don't know if just me or what, I always feel that overseas flowers are more attracted than what I have always seen.

Along the way to there, I was welcomed with a lot of cherry blossom trees. stopped for awhile and took a lot of selfies hehe but lost TT

These buildings reminded me of Singapore haha..
Nope not homesick !!

Passed by the view of Gwanandaegyo Bridge

When passed by here, the destination is ahead.

Yesss too short and got blocked lol

Inside de building


I first knew Busan thru this place, and I had always wanted to come here and finally I was there and stood the photo by myself.

Checked in

Next, I went to Gwangalli beach near Gwangan Station.
Days in Busan were actually quite relaxed because it doesn't have much places to visit beside than beaches.

Wonder what was that in the background?

Those were seaweeds
ohh fresh one, eat live lol

but it made the beach so stinky

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