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click the ITINERARY on day 18 for guiding to :
국제 시장 - Gukje Market
부산 타워 - Busan Tower
감천 문화 마을 - Gamcheon Culture Village

부산여행 | 4일

what a good day, today I went to Pasak Lai (market) to eat. The 

Gukje Market is one of Korea’s largest markets; each alleyway is crowded with stalls, and it connects to Bupyeong Market, Kkangtong Market, and other smaller markets. The market stocks such a wide variety of goods, that you can find almost everything you need right here.

eyes opening on that day because I wanted to eat everything but I didn't want to grow more fleshes lol. I think I grew a lot during my stay there.

In the end I choose this bean sprout mixed rice.

The shop lady was very friendly and kind. Hope to visit her shop for next trip. She wasn't only friendly but helpful. Despite language barrier and she was so patiently while handling with me haha.

Simple yet scrumptious dish
콩나물 비빔밥

After lunch, walked around and went to the shop of my to spot checked the workers lol..

No that isn't my shop. hehehe just a random shop called Bella and I felt touched lol.

Since Jalgachi, Gukje market and BIFF were just nearby (or not, I didn't know because I just love strolling at Korea) I walked to Jagalchi  but Jagalchi is more famous for seafoods. Seafoods have never been my closest dish due to my sensitive skin.

BIFF Square
Busan International Film Festival

here for more details

Hand-printed movie celebrities 

Arirang st

Enter from Arirang st, there are many ahjumma selling street foods like Japchae(sweet and savory dish of stir-fried glass noodles and vegetables), Kimbab (rice rolls), Tteokboki (rice cake), and other korean cuisines.

I ate there for twice because "delicious" kkk

After that, I walked to Busan tower near Yongdusan Park by GPS.

bought this cappucino drink while on the go.

Miss my phone ↑😢
(lost during the trip at indonesia 2 weeks from that day)

Had my drink, while contacting a new friend and we decided to meet at Busan Tower haha. Yeah sometimes I was brave but timid all the time lol..

He was the most funny and friendly (not saying other I met weren't) but I could say that he was one I got closed really quick and felt like a long lost friend lol.

met here lol.

uhhhyuu~ Busan tower at Yongdusan Park

Japan feeling? hehe

Botak trees and Tower

Sorry I took too many similar photos but those are different to my point of view. However awesome pictures deserve spamming lol.

Cherry blossom here in Busan are more whiter and of cos there I saw the most bloomed trees.

So beautiful hor~

Let the beauty of what you love become what you do #qotd

Really love this country so much. I don't know. maybe good views make good mood lol.

Next my friend SM and I went to Gamcheon culture village. He was damn lazy to travel by public transports so he offered me to go by a cab. I felt bad because he preferred to go everywhere by a cab and paid for me.

Never have I met such a person lol haha but he was kind.

Reached Gamcheon Culture Village.

Actually there had nothing and many shop houses and colourful houses yet still there were a lot of people.

I was eating but forgot what was that munching face lol

Just ignore me and enjoy the spectacular views

and I met my little prince too 

Spot me ~

After strolling at Gamcheon culture village, we back to Nampo-dong for chicken dinner and also went to Lotte Mall to watch the water show

Rooftop view at Lotte Mall for night scenes

Busan tower and Busan night view.

from the rooftop of Lotte mall at Nampodong, You can almost view 360 degree of Busan city and it was Free of charge.

Enjoy the view below~


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